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The dwp have and will found out for maladministration when my housing morgage appeal goes to tribunial in 90 days time legislation as it is is against fulltime unapid carers and the frail and the elderly yet i still get putrid yello POSH house of comms fancy letters with photos of mps on tell me that most mps signed aup to the edm support carers in the new so called carers strategy in that carers in 2018 will not face financial hardship and be disadvantage becuse of caring role what at load of toss nothing will happen as we are taken as mugs and just muddle on as best we could.

mum is gravely ill in hospital after a complicated gall stones operation and the infection it was only supposed to be a week but has lead to 4 weeks plus cried buckets will not cry when visist mum cannot eat has lost conplete appetite due to cancer and the chronic hiatus hearnia influx narrowing of the gullet. mum has always because of been a sparrow eater now just sipping a bovril or beef cube tea just cup of hot water a piece of oxo or teaspoon of marmite or bovril in stir and just sip away.

this tribunal ai about a decision made three and half years ago but due to incompetance of thwe dwp have just changed there mind have documnetary evidence of awards etc will them through the bloody tribunal and will fight this through to the bitter end.
Hi Kenneth

I know you have been through an awful lot, I do hope the tribunal goes
in your favour, these things are so stressful, and you have your Mum
in hospital too, I pray she recovers and is home soon.

Kenneth, I am thinking of yo and your Mum. You are very brave,and must feel very scared about your Mum being so ill. x
Good luck Kenneth - you have sure been through the mill and deserve a decent resolution of this.
Morning Ken,

Hope you get the result you deserve.

x x
Hope you get the result you need and deserve Ken
and one for your mum ((((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))))
Aw (((ken))), when will things improve for us all.
Thinking of you and your mum.
marie x
The very best of luck!
Hope you get the results you deserve from the tribuneral. You have certainly been through the mill. Best wishes to you and your mum.

Take care
oh dear, your poor mum. thinking of you Ken and all your going through. good luck.