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back dated carers allowance

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hi everyone could anybody give me some info reguarding backdated monies my wife has just been given her allowance backdated 3 years and i was wondering if the carers allowance gets the same
just been on the website and you might be lucky,seems you have 3 months to sort it and payable from dla award date but be aware carers allowance rules still apply ie £100 earnings and caring for 35 hours etc
meant to say nhs choices web page/benefits for carers
thankyou malc
Good luck Thomas me dear, if you really get stuck its always worth asking the citizens advice bureau
Im really surprised she got it backdated 3 years. My brother moved into a supported living home that failed (despite constant reminding from my mother) to apply for his housing benefit and other entitlements. In total he lost more then £5000 over 18 months but the DWP only paid back 3 months. My mum threatened legal action and the home eventually gave my brother a pay out of about £2000 but he still lost a lot of money.

I think usually 3 months is the rule but it might depend on your circumstances and why your wife was backdated so far.

Worth asking about for sure.

debbie yeah she had been fighting the claim for 3 years different medicals and appeals and it was the hospital social worker who won her claim for her
That's great. I hope you get the Carer's allowance sorted too!
thank you
CARERS allowance used to be back dated and as far as I know still is , we got two to three thousand back that was over 15 years ago , but i am sure you will be ok , and great news for you if you have all I would say , spend it wisely , and have a dam good break Image Image