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B&Q taking action against disabled parking abuse - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

B&Q taking action against disabled parking abuse

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hi all i agre that at last the shops are finaly doing disabled bays for the cutamors .but then parking in them thereself..its also amasing as you say how many ableboded people will achaly fight you for the disabled bay. They also say it is a £50 fine for miss youse of a disabled bay.?? what a joke.
Have a look at


They do a range of VERY sticky stickers which are difficulat to remove. They cost around £2.00 per pack and you can stick one in the middle of the windscreen of any car parked where it shouldn't be. Mum and I had a right chuckle when we found a motorist cursing over our handiwork as I wheeled her out of Tesco's!!!


Pysie - I don't think the issue is a legal one I think it is a moral one. I am the mother of three disabled children who uses this extremely helpful board for advice and I am very disappointed by your post and by your recommendation of these stickers. My eldest two children do not qualify automatically for a blue badge as the do not receive the mobility part of DLA despite acute problemns with walking. I have never applied for one by the doctor route (despite the fact that I would probably have qualified) as I have trust in the system that there are people who require them more than my children. My youngest son receives the high rate of mobility so qualifies automatically for a blue badge for which I applied after his award over two months ago but as yet have not received it. We have however taken delivery of our new motability car.

Last week I parked at my local shopping centre in a disabled bay with my qualifying child and one of these insulting stickers was stuck to the windscreen. I then had to spend several minutes removing it after loading my children into an extremely warm car before I could drive home. Does my son warrant the space only once the badge has been received - is that when he starts to be disabled??- I don't think so. I put my children's welfare first, before the views of such uneducated people.

The sticker you are talking about is basically incorrect anyway - no -one can take YOUR space as it is not allocated to you personally but is indeed there for the use of those who need it. The person who put the sticker on my car must have walked between two cars to the front of my car to check for a badge first - a lot of effort for someone who apparently needs the space more than my son!!
I am determined to bring up my children to accept and respect their disability but not to believe they are owed anything in this life just because they are disabled. The only plus side to these stickers is that I use them and the people who use them as an example to my children of the type of person I DO NOT want them to grow up to be.

I do hope everyone who reads these boards thinks twice and thinks of all scenarios before using these items and insulting the image of disabled people.

We came out of Morrisons yesterday and the car next to us had parked on the chevrons separating the spaces, it was so close I couldn't open the passenger door to get Mum in - I've got a sticker on that window saying Disabled Passenger in the hope people will leave room for the wheelchair, fat chance of that!

I ended up backing the car partially out of the space so I could get Mum in, when I looked at the offending car the damn thing didn't even have a blue badge on it - so much for Morrisons 'do not abuse these spaces' notices Image
Hi Calgan.
First of all welcome to this site.
I too don't believe in these sticker's being stuck on car's.
But I do see why people think they are doing the right thing in doing it.
Many times we have looked for a disable bay and not found one because of other's parking there with out a blue badge's we need the chevrons for Pat's wheelchair.
Only a few week's ago we were waiting for a space and unbeknown to me so was another car I pulled into the space just before the other car could I could see the look on the other driver's face and what he was mouthing so I got out of the car went straight to the boot and started to get Pat's wheelchair out he stop in his track's and went back to his car parked in a normal bay and both him and his passenger walked unaided into the store.
nothing was said to me as he walked past me.
Hello Calgan

Welcome to the forum!

I can see where your coming from and sometimes when I'm on my own with Mum and all the hussle of getting Mum out of the back of the van I have in the past forgot to display the blue badge and if someone were to put a sticker on my windscreen I'd be furious, the person that did this to your car obviously didn't think that maybe you had forgotten to display it! I suppose because our van has wheelchair accessible visible, with leave enough room disabled person ect. I would hope this would not happen!

On the otherhand I have too like John been in situations where cars have abused the disabled bays and I have seen this loads of times and it really does bother me, its not until you need a disabled bay that you realise how precious they are and so needed. I would never dream of using a disabled bay unless Mums with me, just wish it would register with others!

Take care
Maryann x
Hi, Calgan,

I'm sorry my post upset you. These stickers are designed to make able-bodied motorists aware that their thoughtlessness has a detrimental effect upon disabled people. Most texts are quite couteous and, of course, the sticker should never be placed in a position where it may obstruct the driver's vision.

For what it's worth, my Mum is disabled and can walk only about ten paces with a frame, but she does not have a blue badge. Being virtually hosuebound, she has never seen the point of applying for one. So on the very rare occasion when I take her out in the car, we never park in a disabled bay. I can only take her to places which have a wheelchair available, then we park in a normal bay and I fetch the wheelchair. Even the hospital refused to let us park in a disabled bay without displaying a blue badge when I took Mum for tests recently!

I do hope your son gets his badge through soon. If it's any help, I have a disabled friend who, whilst he was waiting for his badge to arrive, used to put a note on his windscreen saying, 'Blue Badge applied for'. He never had any problems.

Pysie xx


It shouldn't take more than a few weeks to sort out a blue badge - you may need to chase them up: one way is to check your bank statements to see if they've cashed your cheque for the admin fee. If they have, get in touch with them as they may have sent it a while ago...
I never park in disabled bays when I am alone, but it REALLY annoys me when you have waited ages for a space and the people who finally leave have no disability which necessitates them using the space but are just ignorant and bone idle.