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B&Q taking action against disabled parking abuse - Carers UK Forum

B&Q taking action against disabled parking abuse

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Took Mum to B&Q today for a new plant pot - my niece sent her an azalea for Easter (she gets 10% discount on a Wednesday with her Diamond over 60's card!) - our local store is on a trading estate with Argos, Boots, Next etc and of course blue badge parking is at a premium.

Obviously they've had complaints because now there are huge notices everywhere saying if you park in a disabled bay and don't display a blue badge then you will be clamped - if only a few more stores would follow their lead Image

Well done to B&Q Image
Hey thats great news paula - i wonder if all b & q stores will be the same - it would be nice if all stores would do it
Glad to hear it Paula its about time! I do hope that more stores will take this onboard Image
Especially our local Tesco's Image
trying to find a space there,with all the lazy gits who park in the disabled bays is a nightmare sometimes Image
When I have dad with me in the car (he has a blue badge) and there is no space I sometimes use the parent and child as it is nearer the shop than the token two disabled bays anyway.

One day I was pulled up about it and I said......."This is my dad, technically I am his child.....If you have a problem with that I can have a temper tantrum to prove how childish I can be" The guy took off, but I would have done it if I had been forced to.
Have a look at


They do a range of VERY sticky stickers which are difficulat to remove. They cost around £2.00 per pack and you can stick one in the middle of the windscreen of any car parked where it shouldn't be. Mum and I had a right chuckle when we found a motorist cursing over our handiwork as I wheeled her out of Tesco's!!!

Sample: "You've had my parking space, do you want my disability too?" (Other texts available.)

I have had no problem in posting these where necessary. Not sure if this is legal, though, but I haven't been charged with criminal damage yet!
Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield have just turned 6 double rows of parking into disabled bays, we went at lunchtime expecting to have to fight for a space and you could have parked Concorde there - about time too Image
All well and good that B&Q are setting an example... But I went to B&Q with Ange last weds, when I went to get the wheelchair we had a flat tyre, so I went to the Customer service waited in the queue for about 5 mins for a store chair. when I got back to the car they had clamped us, Ange was still sat in the car protesting to the bod clamping us. I had not displayed the badge as I wanted to know if there was a chair or not and the person claming us actually appologised, however insulted at the same time saying he could not understand Ange.

Grrrr but well done as well I suppose..
It's best if you put your badge on show at all times when parked.
I know you just nip into B&Q but there are people out there job Worth's they don't take notice of anybody.
Our friend who's a police officer was telling me that if I leave my wife in the car a go into a shop.
I am breaking the law if we are parked on yellow lines as the badge is for the use of my wife only and that I could park else where and go to into the shop.
But my thoughts are they should be doing something about those that don't need the disable spaces and nab them.