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'away from home' toilets

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can I tell people about Changing Places toilets? they are wheelchair-accessible loos, with more space and more kit: a hoist, adult sized height adjustable changing bench.... so you can go places you would't otherwise be able to visit, and stay longer because there are suitable toilets.
They are 'desirable' in buildings to which the public have access, but because people don't know about them, they don't always get used, so it's an uphill battle to get places to invest in them.
check out http://www.changing-places.org

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Thank you for posting this. Finding a suitable disabled toilet can be a nightmare. Some of them aren't big enough to get a wheelchair in or if they are then it is all very cosy. For people who need to transfer from a wheelchair many disabled toilets don't have enough room next to them for a wheelchair to do the transfer. My husband finds many of the toilets are too low for him to get off and don't have enough handles strategically placed.

I know that it is hard to cater for everyone & we now take a raised toilet seat with us to overcome some of the problems but it is very hard work. Strangely one of the worst we have found for height, lack of handles & too little space for a wheelchair is at Addenbrookes Hospital.............understand that if you can!
We discovered these toilets by accident on the internet and they have proved an absolute godsend.

They have increased our range of travel to day trips rather than just a couple of hours amongst other things allowing us to attend the wedding of a very dear friend's daughter yesterday which we had previously had to say we could not attend.

Amazed that professionals e.g. Occupational Therapists are unaware of them we now tell anyone we come into contact with.

One tip ring to check in advance on opening times etc.

This charity it incredible just need to get the word out.