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Attitudes towards the person you care for - Carers UK Forum

Attitudes towards the person you care for

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As the mum of a son with severe learning difficulties, I can honestly say that societies constant rejections of a less than perfect child behaving less than perfectly has led me to deep despair at times.
I have copied and pasted part of a comment made by BB on a different topic.

As a family we have experienced this many times, including some family members that would not include our R on any family invitations to weddings or other parties. It had nothing to do with any possible disruption he would perhaps cause, but that some never 'accepted' him from birth.

If upsetting please don't feel you have to share but what has been the worst reaction from others that upset/offended/angered you.
One of the most memorable things that has stuck in my mind is something that happened in Woolworths around the time my youngest was 4, so 2005ish, we were looking through the cd section and there was a young man there who obviously had a disability, we're standing next to him not fazed at all, I was having asking him what music he liked, suddenly two mums with toddlers and pushchairs walk round and start very loudly saying things like "ohhhhh got to get away from that, don't know what we might catch", "come on don't want you seeing that, shouldn't be let out here for us all to see and hear"......................me being me, calmly followed them round to the other side and calmly and politely but loudly(there were little ears about so I couldn't let loose how I wanted to) said my piece and then went back round to the young man who had tears in his eyes.
quite a few, but I keep writing and deleting, so will come back another time here. The shame is that it has been mainly family members over the years.
I think the most memorable was the time hubby had a generalised seizure while we were out and no-one came to our aid. I heard several people making comments insinuating that he was drunk.
But I think that the one that most enraged me was an event that I have posted on another thread when hubby and several others with acquired brain injury went, with their carers, in a minibus on an outing. The mini-bus had a disabled sticker in the windscreen and parked (quite legitimately) in a disabled parking space. As we all got out some-one passing said very pointedly and loudly "can I help you with your wheelchairs?" with the obvious implication that none were disabled.
Perhaps I should add a PS to my earlier post. I was "rescued" by M's teacher, who realised how depressed I was. It took a lot of encouragement for me to join her parents group. At the previous school I'd been wrongly introduced to the parents, and couldn't even be bothered to correct them when they used the wrong Christian name, this went on for several years! Two years later, the parents group became a registered charity, with me as chairman. Two more years and I enrolled for a part time degree course in Business Studies, and at last I "found" myself again.