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Is it time to stop?

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As you may recall from my first post, Matt and myself care for Matt's Dad. He has constantly told social services he does not need help, not been back to his GP and yet he still asks matt to do tasks, feed him and give him money. Last week he spent the last of his money on cigarettes because he knew Matt has such a heart of gold he'd feed him. He is now planning to see Status Quo in concert (at £35.75 per ticket, the most expensive in the shop!)

We have saved him from jail an eviction but he is not prepared to shift his weight, do we leave an let him slip or what? There is no way I am going to have him live with us when we move out as he needs to learn. I almost feel like we shouln't be on Carers UK as his behaviour is so selfish it's har to believe he may have mental health issues!
Hello there - I'm so sorry to hear of this and yes, I remember your last post. It is so difficult when the person is immediate family.
*What would I do myself, if in this situation?* - I really don't know! You are right to not have him live with you - goodness knows where that would lead!
You say he has mental health issues - has he had a diagnosis? Unfortunately the 'professionals' can't do anything, if he isn't in agreement. Some mental health conditions mean that they haven't any social graces and can't handle money, etc. If you're sure it's none of these, I believe that you haven't many choices!
Maybe telling his support workers that you are not going to be there for him in future? ...and sticking to your guns, but will your hubby go along with that?
Keep posting, and let us know how the situation goes on. ((((hugs)))))