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college placement

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can any help with some info my friends daughter is starting full time college course she gets DLA High care and High mobility and incapcity benefit will she lose her incapcity benefit

any info would be great

hope everyone is well
Charles my son didn't lose his incapacity benefit whilst doing his degree - he got it for the 4 years he was at University. He could only go to University with the constant support. He needed the same level of support while at Uni or while at home so I don't know that the maxim "if you are fit to study you are fit to work" necessarily applies. Or is it the usual postcode lottery?

The rules can be found here:


It might be wiser, rather than check with JobCentrePlus, which could probably, with the constant staff turnover and benefit changes, be better described as the Ministry of MisInformation Image , to check the position with a welfare rights organisation, either one provided by your local social services department if the person is a social services client or your local CAB, etc., This is also less likely to raise questions relating to entitlement, especially important if the individual finds that a full-time course is not for them and has to give it up.
Thanks for all your replies my friend is going to look into it in more depth she spoke to someone at college and they said there where circumstances where incapcity benefit is not withdrawn as her daughter will need a lot of support this will be taken into consideration

thanks again
Try seeking information about the disabled education grant too. The college should have info about this.
I found that i was not entitled to the Disabled Students Allowance whilst I was at College as this is classed as further education. You only (as far as I know) get the DSA at University (which I did) as this is classed as higher education.