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At long last ive had a reply as its a load of bull was not going to say much but as the day went by ive just got to say summit.

I explained that my caree wishes to be cared for at home and does not want to use respite care or for that matter be placed into full time care/rest home.
I told him of my financial problems re carers allowance and all the usual stuff i even told him of my total income and how as a holder of private occupational pension the benefit`s door was closed to me .

Just bits and bobs of the reply.

1. my financial problems could be solved if i was able to take up paid employment
( nothing about who would care for the old doll when i was at work i did mention this in my letter i also pointed out if i was at work how could i rest at home before next shift)

2. he said i should claim income support and he was supprised that i was not on income support now.
( as i have a private occupational pension i cant recieve income support

3. he stated that i should be claiming full council tax / housing benefit
( occupational pension again)

4. he said i should use the social services for increased breaks and respite care to give me a rest after all my health is as important then my caree`s
( i informed him in letter that respite care and day care workers was not free and the cost was out of our reach)

5.he also pointed out that i was not alone in looking after an ex service "man" as many ww2 veterans were now in their mid 80`s
( he was informed that my caree was in fact female and i asked him to respond to the claim that in the green paper re armed forces it stated no veteran or family member past or present should suffer financial hardship as a result of their service in H.M. forces )

6. he told me the cheepest way for me to get my prescription could be with season ticket .
(at the moment i pay £28 every 28 days for medication i asked if he thought carers should get free prescriptions i also asked about dentist and optical no reply )

the whole reply is total crap ive sent reply and did not pull any punches .
The whole situation stinks. Hope you gave them a good piece of your mind.
Take care,
Karen x
Your presciptions are costing you £1 per day if I've worked it out correctly. At least the minister is correct as far as recommending you get a season ticket. I used to do that for years as my wife needed so much medication.
The rest of his reply is nothing short of sheer incompetance! Cant these people read? dont they refer to our letters when they reply? Image
This sort of thing just makes my blood boil ****! Image (Building trade scaffold grammer)
Hope you get it sorted soon mate,
The ignorance of Ministers is scary. It just goes to show that they have no idea of the life of an average Carer.

My sister works fulltime. She is not a Carer,but a single parent. Her son is almost 19, and in college. Because she is a single parent, she is able to claim tax credit, which means she is exmpt from optician and dental charges. We live in Wales, and nobody in Wales has to pay for a prescription,(they just stop people having lifesaving meds. instead), but if she lived in England, she would also be entitled to free prescriptions. She doesn't mind me using her as an example, as she is so shocked by the system, and cannot believe that disabled people and their families are discriminated against so badly.

For anyone who does not know, Insulin Dependent Diabetics also have free prescriptions for all their needs. I beleve there may be some other chronic conditions that allow this too. You need to ask the Pharmacist you use.

Do they think you can dig out money from nowhere for respite care?What is so wrong anyway, with wanting to look after your caree?Why should there be such a stigma from the Government just for trying to make the best of a difficult situation.
insulin dependent ????
ive just had 2 days of tests to see if i have diabetes
Prescriptions are free for diabetics who are on tablets not insulin as well, hubby takes Metformin and Glicazide and gets free prescriptions, good job too as he takes 23 different pills a day for various things