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Assisting care workers

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My mum has CHC funding and I have recently asked if she can be transferred to a new agency. It is one we chose ourselves.

The CHC have been negotiating with them to try and get them to lower their rate. Finally, yesterday it seemed like we were getting somewhere with the cost side of things but then we hit another obstacle.

The agency wanted to ask me about Mum's needs in more depth, before they moved things forward with the CHC.

That is when we hit the obstacle. Their insurance will not cover a family member to work with their care workers. In fact, it will not cover anyone other than another care worker from their own agency to work with them and that would include district nurses or matrons, both of whom visit Mum regularly and require assistance from the care workers!

I live with Mum and I am still very much her carer, even though she has 21 hours of paid care, with 4 double up calls as well. Of course, there are no calls at night to assist the night carer with pad changing and repositioning, so I do that with the night carer. I also assist in the day when needed, as obviously, Mum still needs repositioning and sometimes pad changes at other times to the drop in calls. When in severe pain, she will need repositioning multiple times, in a short space of time, trying to get more comfortable. Or she may need lotions and potions applied, which takes 2 of us as well and then there is changing bedding if it is wet. In fact, many things which take 2 carers. Mum is in bed all the time now. She cannot roll herself. She has Parkinson's disease, contractures and other problems.

We have wanted to go with this agency for so long. They have an 'outstanding' rating with the CQC, which as you know is rare. After countless serious problems with the 2 agencies chosen by the CHC over the last 2 years, we thought we might finally get the outstanding care Mum needs and deserves (as do all).

Now it looks like it won't happen, because of rules gone mad.

The Manager is going to talk to the Proprietor and the insurance company but it doesn't sound very hopeful. I called the Matron and she is going to speak to them and a moving and handling person but again, doesn't sound hopeful.

At least the last 2 agencies let me assist their care workers and let their care workers assist the district nurses and Matron.

Crazy isn't it?
The solution is for the care agency to "double up" for calls. After all, they are supposed to be arranging all the care mum needs, not just half!
Thanks for your reply and kind advice but the agency would already have double up calls. The carer who would drop in for the calls, would double up with the day carer, who would be here all day - 7am til 7 pm. The problem is, between calls, when Mum needs to be repositioned, needs a pad change, when the district nurse or Matron need assistance or anything else which takes 2 carers to do.

Also, there are obviously no calls at all at night, so I need to assist the night carer but the agency would not allow that either.

For instance, tonight, Mum was dry at the last call, which was at 7 pm, so I will need to check the pad with the night carer later and change it if necessary. If that was the new agency, I would have no assistance, as the night carer would not be allowed to work with me. She would not be allowed to do it on her own either.
If it is acknowledged that mum needs 2 during the day, then either the agency allows you to help or asks CHC to fund a second night carer. It is up to them to organise rhe care mum needs. "No extra carers at night" is not a valid excuse. Mum's needs must be met.
You are right but unfortunstely, they would meet the needs with a different agency of their choosing, who would let me assist. No way would they fund 2 night carers when I am ready and willing to help and if I wasn't here, they would say nursing home.
but you're not ready and willing to help because you want to use this agency that doesn't allow you to help so they will have to fund 2 carers. Tell them you aren't prepared to help unless it's with your preferred agency. Don't let them blackmail you with nursing homes - there aren't enough places to go round so they won"t be able to take that option with anyone who isn't more than willing to go.