Assisted dying - California style

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Mascara warning!
I know this is a very emotive subject so please keep responses level and measured, and don't even think of reading this article if you are very anti, or likely to be very upset.

Personally, I found it moving and thought-provoking. ... california
Mrs A
Haven't any mascara on yet. Just as well! Very emotional. Brave friends and exceptional and brave girl. Enough said.
I think the horror of someone choking to death in this day and age is awful.
I saw my mum linger for months with no control over her bodily functions, unable to move in bed, or be moved without pain, a large sore on her chest that wasn't healing, so deep her ribs were visible without the dressing, according to the nurses. As the nursing manager said "We wouldn't allow an animal to suffer like this" so why humans?
In the end the only thing that relieved the pain was increasing the morphine to such a high level that she was effectively put to sleep. I hope my son would do the same for me.
Not sure I'd be up to a party though!
Have to agree BB. I have let cats go when their quality of life has got beyond a certain level. So yes I think freedom from pain is the last gift we can give our loved one - animal or human.Of course it has to be controlled but I think most of us would agree what 'quality of life' is? For me it would be not being able to read, or control bodily functions or deal with the constant pain.But yes it is an emotive subject and I too do not want to upset anyone.
It is a shame so many people find it a taboo subject when there seems to be so many of us who only wish the same dignity, humanity and compassion for our human loved ones as we do for our pets.

I found the details in the story quite compelling. I wonder if it did help those invited to the party. It certainly seems to have helped the lady herself . She died with dignity, compassion and her loved ones near. Who could ask for more?

Personally I do hope we get similar legislation here soon.