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Ashya and others.

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MY Rant
I probably have a few facts wrong but I can fully understand where the parents of Ashya were coming from. It had nothing to do with them being Jehovah's Witnesses which the media kept mentioning rather it was to do with his treatment The family appear to have been more than prepared for their journey with the correct food bags etc.
Ashya parents wanted him to be given treatment via a proton machine which are available in Spain we don't have any in this country.
A professor has just said on tv that they have these machines in some N. African countries and some UK patients are sent there for treatment but there are restraints about sending people
He also said we will get one of these machines in the UK eventually but they are expensive it will be put in either a London or Manchester hospital and a large percentage of children will/can be treated by them.
I really do not understand the mentality of British Governments many UKpeople are sent to Asia/African countries for hip, knee replacements etc and yet and yet we are also sending millions of pounds of aid to these count why don't we just STOP sending the aid and get our own NHS sorted build new hospitals get new machines stop the elderly having to choose between food or eat.
Rant over perhaps if there are enough likes comments I will forward it to my MP not that he will do anything he is lib dem elected for the 1st time in 2010 already announced he will not stand again.
Love to all
We have to be careful what we say here but nothing can stop us expressing sorrow for the child and his family.
I was frankly amazed that there wasn't a 'just in case' Care Order issued against the family because of a concern that "at some future time they might show a lack of deference to social services".I'm familiar with that one myself.Intended as a means of stopping child-killing mothers from smothering their babies after birth,I suspect-who can know for sure?-that its used extensively by social services.
Hopefully,the Court of Human Rights will one day look into this; not only is it difficulty to argue that one is innocent of a 'future-crime' (isn't that what Judge Dredd would call it?),but the Family Courts never find families innocent-or at least,there's apparently a 97% conviction rate in the secret courts.
if the family want to remove the child that's their prerogative .. how do we now square the circle when we are actively talking or assisted suicide will the N.H.S then say the have a duty of care and must look after the elderly / disabled even if at the end of their lives ? a child cant chose his family can or will we go down the route of child protection orders for all children in hospital.....David Cameron will remove the UK from the E.C.H.R. what then ....
my mother aged 88 at the time was diagnosed with a lung cancer , she has only one lung and the cancer was within her good lung anywho she was informed surgery was not an option , not even a biopsy due to her other medical conditions , chemotherapy was also ruled out as was radiotherapy as it would damage far to much of her good lung, the only option for her was the new stereo tactic radiotherapy known as the cyber knife , however the stereo tactic equipment was only available in London or Leeds, Leeds being the nearest we decided to travel to Leeds , then they informed us that the treatment may not be available as my mother was aged 88 the consultant oncologists would have to interview her to see her general well being .. they were very honest and open and actually said if she had been bed bound or sitting in a residential care home the treatment , which is very expensive may not be offered to her within a week of the interview she started the treatment which I believe cost over £9-000 during the 5 weeks of treatment , the costs would have been higher had she been an in patient but as her carer I was able to care for her within the Bexley wing hotel St James hospital Leeds and acted as her personal porter .. she has in July this year been given the all clear but the consultant has reassured me that if the cancer returns they will continue with treatment for he providing she is still active..... I find it strange that the N.H.S can decide what to do but the family cant
In all the hoo-haa no-one seems to have stopped and thought about the child and the effects on him.

No matter what the rights and wrongs of the matter - what about the child ?
He's 5 years old; he's very sick; in a strange country and probably doesn't speak Spanish; he's been separated from his Mum & Dad and his siblings. The poor little thing is probably scared stiff and wondering what HE'S done wrong to be separated from all that he knows.

Even if it ends up that they all get back together at some point he's likely to be totally traumatised by the whole sorry state of affairs.
As we already have a thread regarding this topic I'm merging the two
I was wary about the warning that the (peg?) feeding battery might run out.Don't they run on the mains? As it is,the video shows the family had a plentiful supply of the supplement.
A bit O/T since the expression's never been used in this case,but I hate it when a child is described as "kidnapped" by his own mum or dad.
Well, I find it very odd that the NHS will fund extremely expensive treatment for someone of 88 but not of a little child of 5.

Strange sent of priorities to my mind!

(And please, I speak as someone whose husband would NOT have been able to get SRS on the NHS, even though he was only 55.)

My own sympathies are entirely with the parents of the little boy, desperately trying to find whatever might at least prolong his life - possibly even for long enough for yet more recent improved treatment options to come out of research and into medical practice.

I suspect what is actually happening here is (a) the NHS is 'ashamed' that it can't offer the best treatment, (b) the authorities didn't want a repeat of the earlier case where a mother refused to let her child with a brain tumour have the kind of radiation that carried a significant risk of causing cognitive impairment.

I hope the little boy gets this treatment, and the parents are enabled to spend the maximim time with him. I wish the money the police have spent on this had been handed to the parents to help pay for this treatment. I read they are selling their house in Spain to fund it themselves.
Did I hear that the parents' are likely to be extradited to Britain?

After the re-re-revelations of last week about Rotherham,I was beginning to wonder if what was happening with Southampton might have something to do with improving the standing of social services.Hopefully,I'm being far too cynical and conspiracy-theorist.If that's possible.
I just hope that none of my family are ever in this position. They seem stuck between a rock and a hard place. If one of my family was going to die unless I took action, I would not hesitate. Sometimes, doing nothing is just isn't an option. Whatever they did, or did not do, they will have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives. Not easy at all.