Are you a member of the 'Sandwich Generation'?

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
The 'Sandwich Generation' is the current generation of people who are struggling to combine looking after elderly relatives with supporting their children or grandchildren (from managing childcare to putting them through university) and potentially working as well.

As our population ages, people are having to factor in care for elderly relatives on top of other commitments more than any previous generation has had to - 'sandwiched' between supporting their own families and their older relatives.

The media seems increasingly interested in these stories and we'd be really interested in hearing your experiences, and how big a problem you think this is.

For the moment it would be fantastic just to hear about your experiences on the forum, but in the future we might also ask if you might be prepared to talk to the media (though we would always check with you before we passed on any details).

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Iam looking after the old doll( mother) now 86 and a ww2 veteran i / we also spend many hours helping Lizzie the old dolls grandaughter and the 2 greatgrandchildren it`s not just time we give but we help financialy if and when we can as a carer who is skint i would love to be able to help Lizzies children the way i helped Lizzie herself .
I care for my 77 year old Mum who had a stroke and also care for my 15 year old daughter with Downs Syndrome/ASD, also look after my 2 year old grandson at times and he has CF

No time to work here! I am run ragged
We cared for my wife's disabled father at home for many years. My own parents are both alive in their late 80's and still living independently, but only just - but luckily I have several siblings.

We had three children, one a single teenage mum and student, also living with us at home, so lots of extra work looking after kids and fairly hyperactive grandson, whilst both of us working f/t to pay the bills. Our youngest child (with Downs, now a teenager) is the only one still at home ... its been an interesting 20 years or so.

My wife and I have had just two proper holidays for just the two of us in all that time and every penny we earned has gone into supporting the family - no savings at all as we head towards retirement in a few years time.
I thought this was going to be about the fact that sandwhiches are all that carers can afford to eat!!!!!!!! Image
lol @ boggle. I had the same sort of thought!
Yes, I care for my mother, who luckily still lives independently, I would say that I support my two adult sons - one a paranoid schizophrenic (who is lovely, by the way) and my elder son who is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.
I also have my two grandchildren every other weekend with their Father.
At the moment I also have my partner to care for - at least (hopefully) he will soon be able to get up and about and lose his crutches Image
I thought this was going to be about the fact that sandwhiches are all that carers can afford to eat!!!!!!!! Image
Yeah, me too Image Image
The growing toll on Britain's army of unpaid adult carers was highlighted in a new survey that suggests one in five adults regularly provides care to their elderly parents or in-laws.

More than a quarter of the 2,000 people surveyed said they have put their holiday on hold due to having parents who need care. A further 15 per cent said they have put off any financial planning, while 13 per cent said they have put their career on hold.

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from 2008
I look after Dad who will be 71 in April full time, Have a job evenings P/T when hubbys gets home from work. Have a Daughter 21 in Uni and a son aged 4. Go home once a month for a week end when my brothers give me respite.My Daughter does not live with us but I still worry about her. Do I fit the description? lol
Cheryl xx
Sandwiched flat between very elderly frail mother and severely autistic son.