my grandmother has been in a assessment centre since november now and still seems no better
she went into there because she was hallucinatin wandering and as a diabetic was not eating properly
the first pills they put her on where to help stop the hallucinating whilst she was waiting for a brain scan as they thought she had dementia which seemed to help a bit but then blood tests showed a vitamin b12 deficincy show the pills she was on where stopped and b12 injectios where started
then after christmas brain scan showed normal for age and healthy
so they put her on new pills but although she seemed better they have again changed to another pill as hallucinations and talking to people have not gone away

in the last week she has gone down hill to almost the same state she was in when she went into the assessment centre with her coat on pacing at the doors hallucinatins are getteing alot worse again

they still have her down as undiagnosed ??

any idea wot is a acceptable time for them to come to a diagnosis as originally she was ment to be there for six weeks and none off the doctors or nurses seem to know wot is wrong

is there anything i can do to help push this along

any help plz