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Hi all I posted last week re unsafe discharge, mum was not discharged on Friday and how lucky she was. Her flat was burgled that night and ransacked. However the hospital are landing to discharge her today, I have spent all weekend and this morning trying to find a care home for respite, but no luck. Mum can't go to the flat the window is not secure and she lives alone on the ground floor. No warden or anything, could anyone advise me please?
Nhs and social services do not communicate and the hospital won't let me know what is going on. I will get a call to say I have to pick her up, no discharge planning, they just want the bed back.


Hi Karen.

Your last posting : ... arge-34680

It is the hospital's responsibility for the safe discharge INCLUDING the placement in a care home if that is the their only option ... NOT YOURS !

Local PALS team inside the hospital ... contact them immediately ... ... n-service/ ... that's what they are there for !

That link posted in your last thread ... it covers exactly what I have just recommended.



PALS team ... then , if necessary , back to us on the forum.
So sorry you have had a burglary to deal with on top of all the other things going on. :angry:
Tell the hospital you refuse to pick her up. Lock up her bungalow and do not give the hospital the keys (are they in your mum's possessions in hospital? Go and get them!)

Write to the hospital saying her home is unsafe to live in because of the burglary, and she CANNOT be discharged yet. SS will HAVE to speak to them to arrange emergency care home residence.

Rememvber, this is NOT your responsibility! The hospital will try their damndest to 'dump' your mum on you, and make YOU sort things out. BUT, if you did not exist, the hospital and SS would HAVE to sort it out!

So make them do that! You make them do that by REFUSING to do ANYTHING yourself. You have NO legal duty of care to be involved at all with your mum or her care. The hospital and SS KNOW this but are trying it on.

Refuse to cooperate. Stay strong.
Thanks everyone, I am going to refuse as you say, I am not able to help mum as she has unresolved mental health issues which they will not recognise or address. I am left to deal with her outburst and aggression but I can't carry on any longer.

I will be strong,
Your welcome.

I hope it goes as well as can be expected ... and the hospital follow their OWN guidelines to the last comma.
Karen, we are right behind you. If necessary, unplug your phone so you are not available.

They MUST ensure mum has a "safe discharge" and clearly her home isn't safe. End of. If they want her out of their bed then it is their duty to find another one!