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Community Rehabilitation

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Can someone explain to me exactly what community rehabilitation does?

Nan has been referred to them from Occupational therapy because she has blindness in one eye and poor vision in the other. My concern is they don't appear to be very professional. I've spent two weeks since the appointment letter begging the care agency to work around us and eventually cancelled the carer coming to shower her, now I'm told the Rehab worker has been off sick and they don't know when she will be back. I found this out after they failed to cancel the appointment, which led to much confusion and stress for everyone because I couldn't explain why they were late and failed to turn up and had I not called we would not have been told the appointment would not go ahead.

I have no objection to any help and support, because it is very welcome, I do object to them making everything much, much harder and stressful.

So far they have said they will "try" to contact us again at some point...I'm not sure I have the energy for this.

Sorry to be a nuisance.

Thanks for all your help.

Community rehab is usually a whole team of professionals with different areas of expertise and it sounds as if the person responsible for visual impairment is off sick. I had support from rehab after a hip operation and they were great. Your team sounds disorganised and stressful to deal with. This might well be down to office staff or the team leader.

I think you have several options: contact the manager of the rehab team and if you don't get any joy then make a formal complaint or contact the OT who made the referral to see if they can help or contact the local branch of RNIB / SENSE to see what support is available locally.

Thank you so so much, the OT is due to visit on Thursday again, I will speak to him but I think that RNIB/SENSE would be of more use. I am so grateful for this, as soon as I read that it made a lot more sense. I appreciate you taking the time to reply thank you again.
No problem. I hope you manage to get her the help she needs.

Why not explore both the community rehab and the other organisations. I wouldn't give up on the community rehab. Ask the OT what their goals and plans are. They might have just got off to a poor start.
Did you know it's supposed to be free for the first 6 weeks after discharge from hospital?
Hmm I did not know it was free or not in all honesty. However, it appears it is no different from the Occupational Therapist who came to us via Care Direct Plus. The only difference is the man from Care Direct had more knowledge of equipment than the local team. Thankfully all sorted and we have some lovely new toilet seats etc.

Thank you for helping I really appreciate it, I should learn not to panic so much and wait and see what happens...great with Hindsight not so good at the time.

THank you again.
Hi Sall,

That's what the forum is for, in fact there's a huge amount of collective knowledge here. Most of us have learned everything the hard way, so it's good to help someone avoid the same pitfalls we came across.

We have input from the community rehabilitation team and although we were
led to believe that it would be for 6weeks they have been with us for over 12 months now. Our OT is the team led and has been excellent , we have never experienced any problems. Perhaps the lack of communication is more of an admin issue, it doesn't help that the person you need to see has been off ill, do they not have another person you can speak to?

Sorry I can't be of anymore help, hope you get things sorted out, I know how stressful it can be.
We saw an assistant and although lovely she didn't have enough understanding when it came to why equipment wasn't suitable. I don't think it was anyone's fault as such just that one had more knowledge and a wider colleague base to draw experience and equipment from.

In all fairness the admin in the building where Community Rehab are based is terrible, whether it's community rehab, podiatry, gps, physio it's all chaos so I should have expected it.

Thank you Bowlingbun, I appreciate someone stopping me from making a mistake, things can be hard enough without mistakes. I do worry about wasting everyone's time though.

Thank you again.