Anyone else anxious about their own future?

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Good day, Pauleen. So your mum has made a will in what she sees as an equitable arrangement.

Siblings can, and often do, share a jointly owned house perfectly happily. Things can get tricky if, for instance, one sibling later wants to move out while the other wants to stay put. The problem is that in real life we do not always live in equitable circumstances. This is what applies to you and your sister. If she becomes the owner of half a house, to what use can she put it when she has a home of her own already?

It is time to worry less and consider how you might deal with the future. How approachable is your sister? I think that it would be well worth your while to discuss with her what would be her intentions when the time comes. Would she really want to kick you out or charge you rent? (Don't ask her that directly of course, but she what response you get to open discussion.)

I should also get advice from a solicitor or other suitable legal advisor, and consider what your options would be. There is probably a way whereby you could continue to live in that house within your means.

Forewarned is forearmed - and can allay many of your worries.
Anxious about my future ?
At 86 I probably haven't got one. :lol: