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Any other Parent Carers? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Any other Parent Carers?

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Looks as if they were looking at the wrong name - it happens!! Map
Hiya Nilla, Vicky,Cheekipixi, Map and Penny
Thank you all for replying. Not sure I am looking for anything in particular really, I just feel that those of us who are caring for our children have a little more in common. Not least, that most of us are faced with being carers for the rest of our lives, as one of the better options.

Sorry to hear about your assessment cheekipixi. Was it a social worker who assessed your needs? My daughter is 15 now and we only had a sucessful assesment within the last 12 months. Most of the previous ones where done by trainee social workers with little or no idea of what they were assessing. One, reported my daughter was not beaten, starved nor neglated enough for us to have any help. My area, at the time, had disabled children in the same funding pot as children at risk. Disabled children where never going to win funding in that situation. Another senior social worker decided that my daughter (12 years old then), would be safe with a 15 year old looking to get their service part of the Duke of Edinburugh Award. He also took it upon himself to say my partner is the sole carer for my daughter. Needless to say I wrote an offical complaint about that one.

Makes you want to cry and yet angry when they mess up that badly. If there is anything I can do to help, please give me a shout. Even if it is just to listen for a while.

Nice to know sometimes we are not the only ones.
Hi there,
i,m a parent/carer my son garry is 36 now he has severe learning disabilities severe epilepsy
non epileptic attack disorder[NEAD] no speach is doubly incontinent slight cerebral palsy.and i love him to bits.
i also work in special education as a pupil support worker / mine bus driver but since easter have reduced my hours to 1 1/2 days a week due to caring issues and exhastion.
Hiya Myra, your post made me smile. Thank you. I worked in a main stream secondary school as a support assistant. Did that for about 8 years but then gave it up, found I was stepping on to many mines. Image