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Any other Parent Carers? - Carers UK Forum

Any other Parent Carers?

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Image Hello, are there any other parent carers on the boards?
Hi Trish,

There are quite a few parent carers and I am sure they will add their welcome to you tomorrow.

x x
Hi Trish

I (together with my husband) am a parent carer - although my son is almost 25 so he isn't a child anymore! Rob has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Welcome to the forum.

Hiya Rosemary & Eun, my daughter is 15 now. Doesn't the time fly! Image
Hi Trish I am a parent carer I also care for my Mum, my daughter is 16 and has Downs Syndrome and ASD
Hi There, I'm mum to two children with autism.
I am a parent carer, my son is now 10yrs and I have been fighting for help for the past 8+yrs. I have had to come up against social services, education, my own gp, police, neighbours and even family.
It is so hard watching my son grow older, as as he gets older his difficulties seem more apparent.
Did you want to know anything in peticular?
hello there i too am a parent carer, my daughter is 34 and was physically disabled at 17yrs old. Map
I'm one too. I'm so confused today I thought this meant you cared for a parent. Image I care for daughter (learning difficulties and in her 20's).
Iam a parent carer to my son of 10yrs, he has ADHD, ODD, learning difficulties,dylexic & severe behavioural problems.

I received my 'carers assessment' back for signiture yesterday, I only asked about this in September 2007, had it done Dec 2008 and I recieve 2 yrs later and it's wrong!!!!

It states:- 1/I need a mental health assessment
2/To be able to access Family Support so they can find activities for Toby and that I
attend these sessions wih him
3/Me to consider the ADHD Support Group I don't have a babysitter and
crossroads refused to help
It also states that I have received the following information:-

1/Service for carers
2/Information/raining about aspects of caring
3/carers information pack
4/Voluntary organisations
5/Complaints procedure I didnt receive any of it