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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Any figures on how long on average a carer works for dont mean hours per week but years ive been a carer since 1997.

Thats 11 years what is the average Image 11 years is a long time and i feel sorry for myself but just think about those who are caring for children not only may they be doing it for well 20/30 years they also have the problem about who will care for their kids when they have gone.

Iam 57 next August the old doll is 85 and althought she is disabled she may (hopefully)
go on for years thats one reason why ive got to get myself fit and healthy if i was i might find this caring job a bit easier. Image

GEORGE - just watched the budget heating allowance ok but from what i can see he aint got any spare cash so iam affraid to say it but if we think we will get a massive rise in care allowance or help with social care dont hold your breath like we have said before tax rises is the only way he can fund C.A. social care as we have all said he will accept report and say he would like to implement its findings over the next 10 years Image
I have read one of the budget reports, the emphasis is getting parents back or into work even if the parent(s) is/are disabled or sick. Changes to conditions of entitlement for existing IB claimants are included, all will have to undergo the new Work Capability Assessment from 2009. These announcements will impact on carers, those of working age, those with sick or disabled children, those looking after working-age sick and disabled adults and, of course, those carers who are on IB themselves. I haven't found us mentioned as an entity yet but I'm still looking, perhaps we don't exist? Perhaps we are the victims of a mass delusion?
Invisible army Annie ?????
Either that or we're figments of our own collective imagination.
Either that or we're figments of our own collective imagination.
Who said that Image Image

George,I have been a carer since my late teens and that has covered everything from just a few hours per week to being a 24/7 carer for several years.I think it was Annie who commented earlier on a different thread that most of us dont recognise ourselves as carers for such a long time.We are wives/hubbys/sons/daughters/brothers/sisters etc caring for those we love.

If I look back to when my mam cared for her parents it was shared between 7 of them ( 3 sisters and 4 brothers )and none of the women worked.Even the sister in laws helped out.
Doors were unlocked and neighbour helped neighbour.How many of us here can name our neighbours eh Image .

Families are usually smaller now and a caring role in many cases falls on the shoulders of one person.Carers are more isolated and at times more vulnerable than the person they care for if that makes sense.They are the ones having to undertake battles to obtain certain services at times,they are the ones coping financially day to day,week to week.They are the ones that have to keep on going when so tired.

All of us on this forum and others,our roles differ so much but we are united in one thing.We want the best for our loved ones and ourselves.

What's left of my memory, carers' dementia Image , tells me that I've worked as a carer for 5 years and 11 1/2 months, I'm at least 50 years older than when I started, I get up at 4.00 am or earlier and go to bed at 11.00 pm if I'm lucky and my husband at this rate will probably outlive me despite being so much older than me. And you know what? I no longer miss the things I used to do, I can't even remember them without enormous effort (selective memory loss, a symptom of carers' dementia) and this has become life as I know it and bits of it are very satisfying and, in an odd sort of way, I'm quite content most of the time but that comes from within because the truth is that living like this isn't sustainable in the long term and no-one should be expected to do this, unsupported, day in and day out, night in and night out, because we're never off duty, and yet our only "reward" is being told how much the fact that we "choose" to care is appreciated by the government which we all know is bovine faeces Image .