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any advise plz!!! - Carers UK Forum

any advise plz!!!

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hi my grandmother is in a mental health assessment centre and has been there for four months now originally was told it would be for six weeks social services are now trying to put her into a care home without being diagnosed with any specific as yet

can they put her any were else before she has been fully diagnosed and stableised they think she may have dementia but as yet all tests and two brain scans have come up negative
Hi Gizmo

Sounds like you need some proper legal advice, the law is complicated in these situations.

Try one of these helplines

Carers UK has a CarersLine T. 0808 808 7777
Wednesday and Thursday 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm

Mind Infoline
0845 766 0163
open Monday to Friday, 9.15am to 5.15pm.

Presumably this is an NHS assessment centre?

I would tell the social workers that you think she qualifies for continuing care funding for her nursing home fees and that the relevant forms need to be completed so that a full picture of her needs can be drawn up before she is moved out. As a relative you would also get the chance to see the report and to comment on it.

Does she have a home of her own and savings? Beware that social workers are likely to say that she should sell her home to pay for care, but if you ask for this continuing care funding assessment to be made, when they say she doesn't qualify, you can invoke the appeal procedure.

Under the rules, the NHS has to either keep the person in hospital or pay their nursing home fees while the appeal process goes on.

My mother has been in a nursing home for more than a year and although she has a home and savings she hasn't yet had to pay a penny as we are still within the appeal process.
many thanks she does have her own home and savings

but also i am concerned that they havnt come to a diagnosis and if she does go into a care home would they every come up with one as she has been in the assessment centre for four months now and they still dont have a clue
The last I heard you couldn't diagnose some forms of dementia conclusively without an autopsy - i.e. post mortem. There are several different types, some forms for example are vascular, others may be a drug reaction and can be "cured" - so its quite important to have a full investigation. The Scottish dementia centre website is a good resource. http://www.dementia.stir.ac.uk/
Some older people experiencing depression are misdiagnosed as having dementia, a sort of pseudo-dementia, the symptoms can be very similar to the earlier stages of dementia, I don't know if they've excluded that possibility? And, odd though this may seem, undiagnosed deafness in an older person can give the impression of confusion and loss of memory, it's also very socially isolating and can lead to depression, the combination giving the impression of early dementia. I'd certainly talk to an organisation with expertise in these area as Matt suggests, they will have a lot of experience of dealing with the situation you describe and I've used the Mind infoline in the past myself when I was an advocate in mental health to double-check that I was correct, I found them excellent.
her main symptoms are hallucinations but when we are with her she is having them but she does realise that we are not seeing them she also has a vit b 12 deficinacy which was diagnoses before xmas and is having regular injections the nurses are great with her but gettin info out of them is hard and the specialist is only there one day a week and we all work full time and have lost alot of time tryin to see them already and she has been to a and e a few times due to collapsing and they ran tests and stil nothing
A B12 deficiency can cause neuro-psychiatric symptoms as well as physiological/neurological symptoms, such as tiredness, dizziness, tingling and numbness in limbs, etc., it can be quite nasty if it's left untreated I don't know if this helps?
Hi Gizmo,
It's very difficult when all members of the family work, I'm in that position myself. Could you write the centre a letter explaining that you're all concerned about your grandmother's health and you don't feel she should be moved on until there is a diagnosis of her condition and a treatment plan in place?

In my case, the hospital was desperate to get my mother moved out last March and we were told it was because it was nearly the end of the financial year.

This is the link to the National Framework on Continuing Care http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsand ... /DH_076288 There is a pdf on that page which you can print out. It's reasonably easy to understand.

I don't pretend to be any sort of expert on continuing care funding but I had some fantastic help from a wonderful lady last year and without her help and advice we would have been paying for Grandma's care long ago, when in fact by using the procedure we could delay that happening. I won't mention her by name but she may well post here and I am incredibly grateful for her support at a time when she had a lot on her plate.

Because of her help to me I'm glad to help you or anyone else where I can because I know how difficult it is to get your head round these things and deal with people in authority who seem to hold all the aces. They don't, but they like you to think they do!