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Hi Jess,
Oh yes, sounds familiar. When finally get to bed, head floods with thoughts and worries and brain goes into overdrive. When do sleep, wake up exhausted, thoughts still churning...

I'm dipping into a book about this at the mo, it recommends 5 non-negotiables: eat breakfast within 30 to 45 mins of waking in the morning, drink 2 litres of water a day (includes squash, fruit/ herbal tea etc,) reduce/ cut out caffeine - none after 3pm, have an hour before bed without any electronic screen time/ gadgets and go to bed before midnight on 4 nights per week. The book explains why these are important and talks a lot about being in "survival mode." It recommends trying them for 7 to 10 days, preferably for 21 days. When I manage them my sleep is better.

You guys really have some great suggestions! I'll give them a go as much as I can.

I made my GP appointment today - seeing them Thursday morning (first I could get, but may check for cancellations tomorrow).
Hi Jess
I have a terrible time at night and you know what they say " the darkest hour is before dawn" However I have discovered a load of good guided meditation/hypnosis on you tube. The ones that work for me are by Michael Sealey. It is worth a try and certainly better than taking more drugs. You might not like his voice but there are so many others to choose from. If I wake in the night I listen again and very rarely am I still awake to hear the end!

We cannot avoid stress in our lives but we can learn to deal with it. However that is almost impossible if you are sleeping badly and also at the wrong time.

Do hope you can get into some sort of routine. You will feel a lot stronger and more able to cope.
I'm trying really hard to get into a routine. I slept better than recently last night but ended up sleeping in and getting hubby's breakfast late so he took his meds a bit late! Urgh so annoyed at myself!just makes the anxiety worse really when stuff like that happens!