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Another unsafe discharge? - Carers UK Forum

Another unsafe discharge?

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I was visiting a friend this morning when the communal doorbell of the flats rang. It was an ambulance bring home a 90something after 6 weeks in hospital with a broken leg following a fall. She was wheeled into her flat and left.
My friend checked and there was a littlefresh food in the fridge so someone (family?) had obviously been in recently..
3 hours later there was still no sign of any help so my friend made the lady a cup of tea and left message on daughters answerphone. Lady thinks "someone is coming to wash her back next week" ??!!Also says her daughter will be in next week.
She's obviously confused and unsteady. There's been no sight or sound of daughter yet

My friend has just texted to say she's popped in again and made sure lady has her fall alarm around her neck and made a sandwich for her.

Luckily my friend will keep an eye on the lady, but this was not prearranged, she's not always there and of course this happened on a Friday.

Anyone placing bets on the outcome? :roll:
Absolutely disgraceful. Where's the "Reablement Team" then?
Mrs A I absolutely dread to think of the outcome! Poor lady and how utterly disgusting that she has be dumped back at her home. You have an admiral friend. Do hope she doesn't get too stressed and upset.
Lucky lady to have her friend visiting her. Sure discharge procedures don't allow that without a care package. Me thinks either care provider or family letting her down?
Yes, it's lucky my friend lives just across the hall. The trouble is lady has no idea about 'care package'. She is very confused, even needed help with the kettle. Friend knows son is away on holiday and only has landline for daughter, so until daughter surfaces we have no way of finding out what was supposed to be in place, let alone who to contact to complain. :?

I dread to think what would have happened if my friend hadn't been in when she was. I think lady would just have been left. :(

... and I'd gone for a nice break to get away from caring :lol:
It's luck we hadn't gone out for coffee or we'd never have known she'd been returned. Lady lives alone btw
Thats is so sad thinking of that lady.bless her.is there no way your friend could ring the hospital she was discharged from and ask for sister in charge of ward she was discharged from and see has she got a care package comissioned and if not make an urgent refreel to social services just incase thi lady has just slipped through the net and just been discharged with no help she might vitally need
Perhaps the woman should press her emergency button for help. Or report to adult protective services at the local council.

Amazing that these botch-ups always happen on a Friday afternoon.
No sign of carers or family.
My friend (82!) popping in 4 or more times a day . Lady did get herself up and dressed.
Luckily another neighbour in the block works for Social services and is also popping in and will check situation when she goes to work on Monday

Can't believe how much the word 'luck' is being used in this situation. Imagine if there'd been no luck :roll:
The bit I'm finding most difficult though, is the fact that the ambulance staff left her there when there was no one at her home to help. Services are far too disjointed, everyone thinks it's someone else's job, but who is someone?
I remember a few years ago my elderly dad had a cataract operation. They managed to screw it up and discharged him without being checked by a doctor.

He did tell the nurses at the time he couldn't see properly but they discharged him and sent him home alone. That didn't end well.

I went nuts, couldn't get anyone to come out. He ended up back in hospital day later to have the op sorted out.

I wanted to raise an official complaint because he was discharged in that state. Both the doctor (who didnt check him) and the nurses fault (my wifes a nurse - you are responsible for the patient in your care regardless of what a doctor says).

But Dad "didn't want to get the nice nurses in trouble" so refused to let me.

Personally, I think the nursing profession needs more nurses "in trouble" when they are incompetent.