Another sad Home closure

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An especially sad story of home closing "due to lack of staff". Extra sad as its Church run for clergy and has supported housing next to dementia unit so couples can stay close
In Falkirk they are closing two residential homes, oneat the top of my street was closed in November and the other one is due to close in March. Apparently the rooms are not up to the required standard.

With the elderly population growing in number every year, the authorities are struggling to find spaces in care homes. Their excuse is that clients can be cared for in their own homes by home care, then you get the care companies struggling to cope with the demand, and it gets dumped back on the families to cope on their own.
One of the visitors I occasionally have a chat with, told me his wife was in a fabulous nursing home before this one. It was deemed as unfit for purpose, as not all rooms were en suite. The rooms had a toilet and sink and there were several bathroom or shower rooms. Seems such a waste, when it worked well as it was.