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Another problem. What does this mean ? - Carers UK Forum

Another problem. What does this mean ?

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As a result of seeing the OT and Social Worker, the OT has contacted the housing association who mum rents the house from.
We have always known that the boiler needed to be changed as they didn't like the idea of her sleeping downstairs. In the past the gas check man turned the gas off and left us with no heating and no gas cooker so after that I began moving the bed out so they didn't know.

With having a hospital bed coming I agreed for the OT to find out what work would be required so that I could clear the rooms ready for this to be done. The rooms have been full of furniture since I moved in and I've been working for months, even years now at clearing things and creating space.

Today I had a letter from the housing association which says :-
Accessable Housing Needs.
I write to confirm that I have received communication from Social Services regarding the difficulties you are having around your home. A technical inspection of the property has been arranged for Monday 12th between 9am and 4pm.
Once the inspection has been completed I will write to you again advising you of the action we will take and the priority you will be given. In the meantime if I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.
Adaptions Team.

What does this mean or entail ?
Will we be moved out ? I couldn't cope with that.
Mum has lived here, as we all did from when the house was first built 52 years ago.
We don't need any adaptions.

It's the bit about '... and the priority you will be given.'

If we were moved it would finish mum off as she needs things to be as undisturbed and unchanged as possible.

Can anyone advise me. Again I am so worried.
Hello Scruffy,

How nice that you've heard from the Housing Association so quickly Image

I doubt very much that they will want or need to move you whilst any work is carried out, but if you are at all concerned why don't you ring the person who sent you the letter and voice your concerns ? You can explain Mum's problems over the phone and I'm sure they will be able to reassure you. As to the comment about 'priority' this only means that will tell you how far down the waiting list you are for any work that needs to be done. This is probably a standard letter and it may be that the only thing that needs to be done is install a new boiler, which should only take a day, maybe two. You'll know more after they have sent out the surveyor to do the inspection.

In the meantime I suggest you think about any adaptations you might like made that would make both your lives easier - doorways widened for wheelchair access ? perhaps downstairs toilet or shower room ?
Oh thank you so much for replying and being so reassuring SusieQ.

It would be wonderful if this was just a standard letter. I'm reading so much into absolutely everything at the moment. Such as why they wrote "I will write again advising you of the action we will take", rather than advising us of any 'work that needs doing'.

Taking action sounds so awful. I'm hoping it is just me and my nerves that are making me see things in a negative way. I'm honestly not usually like this but since the recent fright I had from the social worker I'm wary and on edge about everything.

I would like to ring this woman and ask what is involved.

Thanks again.
That was quick Scruffy Image Image
It actually sounds more than time that the boiler/heating system at least was replaced if the gas man has turned it off!
You wouldn't be moved out for that, though it does create a fair bit of upset, so I would give the HA a ring and explain things before they come.
I know it's upheaval, but don't turn things down just because of that when the final outcome of the upheaval could be such an improvement for you all.
Yes you're right Myrtle. Honestly when I'm in my right mind everything makes sense and I'm not as unhinged as I might sound at times. I'm always afraid that panic makes me appear unstable but being reassured, calmed and feeling in control again helps a lot.

I've been on to the housing and it looks like the first OT we had who was hopeless really as she didn't properly assess mum or ask the right questions. She freaked me out when she said as a duty of care to mum she'd have to report us because mum was sleeping in the living room.

I knew that before any boiler work could be done I'd have to do a load of lifting and shifting upstairs where the airing cupboard is. I wasn't up to that and there isn't anyone who can help me lift and shift that much. I have a friend who would do what he could but he's had a quadruple heart bypass and is a carer himself so I don't want to risk two lives being affected because he's tried to help me out. So with having all this in my mind I panicked at what I was being faced with as a result of the duty of care the OT was talking about.

I've just been told on the phone that it was the first OT who set this technical visit for adaptations up. There really is no need now because since then we've seen another OT who seemed a lot better. I've said I'd still go ahead with this visit but I am going to move mum's bed upstairs. I've got until Monday to do it and her new bed is expected next Tuesday. I might be able to move the bed myself if I do it very slowly.
I'll feel psychologically better once it is done.

The second OT was going to enquire about the gas boiler being done and what I would need to clear spaces for to allow whatever work needs doing, to be done.
I haven't heard back about that one yet.

I should say that we haven't been without gas for longer than a day in the past. Once I knew the bed was the problem I moved it and they switched the gas back on.
I naughtily moved it back but everything was safe. The room is ventilated and I have a good carbon monoxide / dioxide detector in the room that I test regularly and we always have annual gas checks done. So there are no worries on that score.

An electrician once said to me that they had to make sure everything was as it should be at the time of their visit and what I did afterwards was up to me. wink wink.

Thanks again
Scruffy please don't go moving beds etc on your own Image If you hurt yourself who will look after Mum ?

In my experience the guys who deliver the equipment are always very helpful and have moved stuff for me in the past - especially if there's a cup of tea and choccie biscuits on offer Image Image Just smile sweetly and use the 'little 'ol me' act - works everytime Image
Ooops too late. Image
I have moved the mattress upstairs and have got the divan base half way up the stairs.
I am wearing mum's assistive technology buzzer just in case anything happens and I couldn't get to a phone.

I phoned the adaptations place and apparently this man who is coming out has nothing to do with boilers and that kind of thing, he's purely coming to see what we need because they've had a letter from the first OT (who was useless) saying mum had difficulty getting round the house.

Now that the second OT has arranged for mum to have a bed and a hoist and neither need any adaptations it seems hardly worth him coming out.

The lady I spoke to on the phone was lovely and she actually read out the letter they'd had from the first OT so I know what this man will have been told. She wrote to say that mum had been sleeping on her recliner in the living room but that she was sleeping upstairs now.

I am thinking of telling him that he has been called out by an OT who we didn't think had assessed mum properly and had since had a second OT out and are in the process of getting a bed and a hoist. Although I'm not sure I should even tell him that much seeing as I want to get rid of him asap.

He's coming out on Monday and I was going to arrange for the hospital bed to arrive on Tuesday so it wouldn't be there when he comes out. The bed that she has had up to now will be upstairs in the bedroom if he needs to see it. He can assume she gets up there or I don't mind saying that she sometimes sleeps in her recliner but anyone can nod off in the room at any time and if he's nothing to do with the boiler work then it wouldn't make much difference what I said on that score.

A lot of paperwork sent out by HA's has to be worded in an official way - hence the reason that they are informing you of "The action they need to take".

Although it sounds dreadful at first glance, you aren't the only person who has "a duty of care" for your mum, your landlord and social services (to name 2) also do as well. It is as much in their interests to see that she is taken care of properly as it is in yours because you can sue them senseless if she was to get hurt or killed as a result of their negligence.

Some HA's actually send a man (or woman) out to inspect any works that needs doing before it is even done because s/he needs to risk assess the job and sign to say "Yes, this needs doing".
Hi Beck,
Nothing needs doing. The man from the adaptations dept has been instructed to come out by the first OT we had who must have been quick off the mark because we weren't happy with her and ended up with a second opinion and the second OT said she would contact the HA about the boiler but this man who is coming out is nothing to do with that kind of work.
He is purely associated with adaptations and we don't need any.

The second OT has arranged for mum to have a bed and a hoist which will be delivered next Wednesday.

I can't see any purpose for this man's visit as nothing needs doing regarding the equipment we are getting.