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some good news! - Carers UK Forum

some good news!

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well 2 bits!!
1. i have been after a second hand dog to complete my new home, the previous tennant who is a nice chap owns a dog food company so I asked him for advice , that was all on if he had any idea what would be a good dog for us as he really does know his stuff.. he said no no no u leave it to me, i will get u a dog thats perfect for u and your 2 girls... I thought i wont hold my breath.. A few hours later i get a text that he has a 10 yr old lab that needs a loving home, fantastic around children and in fantastic health. The new edition to our lil home should be with us some time the week beging the 9th may. and i iwll take loads of pics and share them with u all

the other bit of news - sit down

2. My head feels a bit freer since matt telling me that he has been meeting up and chatting to another lady already, his going there today with his kids (not my 2!) and his staying over night , its early days and they r going to see how things go. Its nice to see him happy and now my head feels like a huge cloud has been taken out of it. I can live a bit, i can talk to other people and not feel guilty of what he might think. Im not after a realtionship , just people to chat to , maybe meet up and go for a cuppa and play in the park. but im now free to do that! and it feels rather nice! the funny thing is imnot even trying to be nice about it. its just happening Image the chains have been cut and i can truely start to find myself properly!
See, Rin? All you really needed was a dog Image
and freedom lol

ok im sort of limited as ive got a small baby and a wonky one but we can have some proper fun now. show them what life is about, going nice places with the dog, not being controlled by any one else and just living!
Thanks for sharing your good news Rin. Time to look forward and I hope whatever comes your way makes you happy.

x x x
And, your new, used doggy will give you a reason to get out and about. You can't stay at home and be sad when you've got a doggy to be your friend. How exciting. Labby's are wonderful as pets and love children. Good for you.

And glad you're feeling so much better. I know how 'liberating' it feels when ex-partners move on and start new partnerships, makes you feel that little bit less bad and you've nothing to worry about, like what people might say or think anymore. Again, good for you.
Both bits are brilliant Rin!
A whole new life, to do what you want to do with it! Image
i think that his moved on so quick is a huge help, and ive told him not to do any rebound thing and mess any one up
and im getting a dog im getting a dog!
although i feel awful for molly, shes not being very well looked after at all and matt wont let me have her

Lovely news about your new addition Sweetheart Image

You've got loads of lovely places to take the dog out for a walk too Image

You, the Girls and your lovely new addition have got a great future ahead of you all Image

I'm so happy for you all Image Image Image

Sezzie xxx
Rin, two wonderful pieces of news....as they say "always comes in 3's" so looking forward to the next one!

Love to you and the girls x Bell x
damn it bell! i should have got a lottery ticket! lol