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Just how hard can it be?!

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My son can't read, write, or add up, but he lives happily alone in a privately rented flat, we are so proud of him. Before he moved into supported living, 6 years ago, I stressed that he would need a lot of help with his money. Six years later, 3 rounds of Adult Protection meetings, yet the problems continue. All I want is for his records to be completed in accordance with CQC guidelines. All money in, all money out to be properly recorded, with the balance at the beginning of the week and the balance at the end of the week. One of the heads of Adult Services is supposed to be sorting things out with the care provider, with the Ombudsman also investigating. Today, I took my son back to his flat, after a weekend with me. The records are useless, again. No record of any payments in (same amount by direct debit every week) or payments out (the care provider set up a weekly direct debit to pay themselves for my son's travel. They haven't even listed this! How difficult can it be to account accurately for the receipt, and spending of £80 per week? I try to be good tempered, but the urge to go the the office and shout at them that they were all a useless lot of **************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was almost overwhelming. Instead, I went home and sorted out lots of vintage lorry cab timbers, which are part of my business. I always believe that if you've got lots of nervous energy, then make sure you use it productively. I've probably moved at least half a ton in total, so now the temper has gone, replaced by aching shoulders and back, so I'm going to have a bubble bath in a minute. Is anyone else concerned about how their loved ones money is being handled by their care provider?
Bowlingbun it must be a worry for you. One of my mums cousins now in her 60's has LD there is currently an investigation into money missing from her account. As in your case there has been bad account keeping which hasn't helped the investigation at all.
The biggest problem of all is that no one seems to understand what I'm talking about when I complain. In the middle of one investigation there was a reorganisation which meant a new social worker was involved. When I mentioned accounts, she said to me, "Oh don't talk to me about accounts, my maths are so bad that I'm thinking of enrolling on a Basic Numeracy Course". It was all I could do not to say well what the **** are you doing here then?! This was the person appointed to sort out the account problems!!!! The care agency say they didn't know that they had to record the direct debit to themselves (!) and couldn't keep records properly with a mini statement from the bank to help them. They never ever record the balance in the account, or the direct debits into the account. The daftest part of all this is that I have a degree in Business Studies, and was once responsible for keeping accounts for a hospital. All it needs is for a meeting to be set up where I am seen not as the parent, but as the instructor. Within an hour I could explain exactly what was needed, how to do what was required, and why. But of course, I'm the parent, and parents aren't allowed to do things like that, so sadly this won't happen. The silliest part of all is that the care agency employ a qualified accountant to do their main accounts, but she doesn't get involved at all with the domiciliary accounts, or the client accounts. The previous care provider was even worse, if you can believe that. On one occasion £200 was withdrawn from my son's account, which I thought was supposed to be the deposit for an Italian holiday, but it "disappeared". My son was supposed to fly out on the Saturday, on the Tuesday evening before I had a phone call from one of the care staff to say that if I didn't pIay for the holiday, he wouldn't be going. I made a formal complaint, he did go on the holiday, but the money was never found. Strangely, the member of staff who had taken my son to the money machine was never questioned or disciplined. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.
Image I wish i had an answer,but nobody ever seems to be held responsible.The only thing i can suggest is that you keep your own records as well,and whenever there is a discrepancy you call the police.Maybe that would shake them up a bit and make them take the job seriously.