Hi All

I'm new on the forum, not sure if this is the right place to post or even if I should be posting this at all. I Think it's basically going to be just a written moan.

I've been caring for my Mom full time for just over a year, we live together and so are together 24-7. Mom doesn't have any friends and the couple I have live in other parts of the country, or are busy with their own families, so I am finding that I am feeling very very isolated and alone.

I was working until Dec 2010 when my temp contract ended and at about the same time found I needed to spend more time looking after Mom, so I became a full time carer. I thought I had made some friends at work, but non of them seem to care to keep in contact and the one I have been in a bit of contact with has told me in not so many words that she's too busy with her own life to even meet for a coffee.

Money is very very tight and so we can't even have outings etc, I have just had to change my anti-depressants as they basically stopped working. The new ones are a bit better but I really feel like I need to talk to someone, the only trouble is I know I will burst into tears the moment I start.

One the bright side we have 5 gorgeous dogs who keep me busy and are the light in my life.

Not sure why I posted, sorry to moan on.

Take care all, hugs Angie