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another bad day

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wasnt too bad a day, nice weather meant I managed to get all the windows cleaned as they hadnt been done in ages, even found some time to take my daughter to the local park and put her on the swings etc, however bath time for littlun and things took a turn for the worse, chatting with my wife having fun bathing littlun and my wife went quite and became unstable on her feet, another stroke has hit.
Not a bad one but heavier than the usual mini strokes that she gets, but, my wife being my wife has brushed it aside and refuses to let me call the doctor or at the time an ambulance, im now seriously worried, she is currently taking a bath but ive insisted she leaves the door to the bathroom open so I can hear if anything happens and will need to help her get out of the bath shortly.
We are due to go to the John Radcliffe on the 21st for another MRi scan and will get the results in a couple of weeks.
In the meantime im worried to death but she is a stubborn one and refuses to go to the hospital as "she feels fine" no more weakness in the left side than normal etc etc. She has had a few of these mini strokes since the big ones in march last year.

The main reason is that she doesnt want to go back into hospital for a mandatory 48 hours and that she feels fine, I keep trying to get it into her that she MUST go and see the docs as it could be a warning of bigger ones to come, but with her mental health issues and depression it just doesnt seem to sink in.
The stroke thing is one of the main reasons im home full time aswell as the mental health issues, ive relented for now and am keeping a close eye on her, little does she know she WILL be seeing her GP in the morning but thats going to be another fight altogether, however one more episode tonite and I wont wait I will be dialling 999 and pack her off to A&E, I wont be able to go with her initially as I will need to try and find someone to babysit so that I can then get to the hospital.
Simon, thinking of you. I hope tonight goes quickly for you,and that you are able to get some sleep.
Thanks, sleep is off the cards for me tonite
I hope it's a quiet night for you Simon xx
Hoping everything goes alright for you Simon.
Finding someone to look after little one in the middle of the night is always a problem. Over the years my kids have grown used to going to sleep in one bed and waking up in another Image
Fortunatly not a problem as much these days as DS is 18 and looks after DD who is 11 if a night visit to A&E is required
This must be so very difficult for you, I hope the night passed without incident.
Best wishes
Well its all quiet at the moment, my wifes CPN has just been for her fortnightly visit, on the mental health front my wife is doing alot better which is great, just the physical health to keep an eye on now,
Weve been in touch with the Neurology dept at the hospital and are waiting to hear back from the doctor there and tomorrow we have an appointment at the John Radcliffe for an MRi scan anyway.
Fingers crossed no more episodes for a while althoug im hoping the doctor at the hospital will want to see my wife sooner rather than later.
God , that's a lot of worry, fingers crossed things settle , and you get through tonight.
Just heard from my wifes Neurologist, they were considering inserting a stent to widen the affected arteries in her brain, thats now no longer an option due to the frequency of these mini strokes / epileptic episodes, the scan tomorrow was originally going to be cancelled as her neurologist couldnt understand why a second one had been ordered but has now said to keep that appointment. A long chat with him and things really arent looking good right now, without actually saying it he has basically said there isnt anything more they can do now other than to monitor her meds to try and avoid another stroke.
At this time my wife is in bed asleep as she is very tired today and my daughter wont go down for her nap and ive got to explain the situation to my wife when she wakes up.

God help me, I dont know what to do, im not equiped to deal with this!!!
We none of us are Simon, but we do and so will you, with kindness, love and compassion, because that's who you are.