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Anonymous letter not sure what to do - Carers UK Forum

Anonymous letter not sure what to do

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We have just received an anonymous letter concerning staff at my sons care home. The letter details incidents involving our son and names staff etc.
The letter is unsigned and I have tried to contact SS but they are closed.
The writer mentions Winterbourne and signs off as a concerned member of staff.
I really don't know what to do or who to contact.
What an awful worry for you Daisy. If you don't want to wait until tomorrow, I'm pretty sure that there is always an out of hours Social Worker on duty, if you ring the local council after office hours there should be an answer machine message with an emergency number to phone, if you ring that number then you'll get to speak to someone who may get you the SW number.
Hope you can get some answers soon ((((Daisy)))
I think it would be a good idea to contact the Care Quality Commission. Now I know that CQC have been accused of inaction, but I think the problems at Winterbourne View have started to change things. I have a problem with my son's carers, and spoke to the new Inspector for our area this morning, she could not have been more helpful or more interested. Quite honestly I was staggered, since they've done nothing to help before, and I've made countless complaints. I would also suggest that you copy the letter and post it to CQC at Newcastle (they now scan all paperwork and save it electronically). I would also suggest that you look at CQC's website and have a look to see if they've done an inspection recently. Apparently they are now aiming to inspect every registered home annually again, and whilst they can't investigate individual complaints as such, they can go into a home at any time if they have reason to be concerned. Is there any way you could drop in at your son's home unannounced, perhaps at a meal time? Hope that helps, I know you must be very worried.
This is a serious safeguarding matter. If you cannot get hold of the duty social worker i suggest you contact the police.
Daisy, how awful and worrying. I agree you should contact the out of hours social services team and if this is not possible the police. You must also contact CQC.

Daisy, i truly hope the allegations, whatever they are, are unfounded but in any case an anonymous letter making allegations is probably criminal in itself.

I wish you all the best in dealing with this and hope for the best and safest outcome.

I know you are busy now but when you have dealt appropriately with this and have the time and energy i am sure forum members will be interested to know how things went.

Thinking of you. audrey
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I take your point BB but with the greatest respect, this thread is probably not the best place to raise the issue of "good happening in our society"..maybe somewhere else at a different time.

Daisy you have had good advice. I had to look back through your threads to see what conditon your son has, I am not sure if he is able to communicate well enough to say if anything untoward has been going on.
If it were me, I have to be honest and say i would be on the phone to the police, then Social Services. CQC in the morning. Whoever has written this obviously knows your son, his situation and the mere fact that it has mentioned members of staff by name?

I wouldn't hesitate. Please keep us updated and good luck x
I suggest the same as Ladybird, contact the police first. Don't let anyone take the letter from you. Get it copied and give them a copy, but do not let it out of your sight. (I have learnt this through an experience with my son).It is likely to "get mislaid."
Good luck.
I agree with Lazydaisy, make copies and keep the original, police first then the social.
Good luck.
Whether the letter is genuine or not, the first port of call is Social Services. Ask for the Safeguarding Team, or equivalent. They should, as a matter of course, bring in the police to see if a crime has been committed, and are responsible for making sure the claims are investigated.

But that way, Social Services then have to follow up - a crime may or may not have been committed but there could be other concerns that don't reach criminal levels but do suggest a need for training, for example.

Anonymous letters are often the way things like this can be detected - although they are also sometimes malicious. Difficult to know which without a proper investigation.

One thing: communication is a key issue in cases like this. Make sure you ask - and confirm it in writing - to be kept fully up to date. They won't be able to tell you stuff about staff being sacked, or prosecuted, but they should be able to tell you what they have found out, and what they are doing to put things right if something was wrong.