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This evening was supposed to be my husband's psychotherapy session. As he is house bound, he is doing his therapy online. Usually, he has a Tuesday session, but his therapist changed the time/ date to today and guess what she did not call. My husband was waiting for her call and as it was 45 minutes past the schedule time, I texted her to ask what was going on. She replied back saying she tried but could not get through. Two weeks ago she cancelled the session as was unwell and yesterday, changed the appointment to today. Couldn't she tried my husband's mobile instead? Now he is feeling down and went for a nap. Sometimes I wonder whether those therapists really care, or is it only about the money? And now, us carers, have to deal with the not talking, feeling down partners because of their lack of commitment!!!

We have changed therapist three times and so far, have not been lucky in finding one who can commit. Unbelievable and so disappointing.

That's me ranting...

Doesn't sound like she tried very hard. I wonder if an e-mail to her expressing your disappointment and the effect on your husband and asking her outright whether she is committed to fulfilling her role. Do therapists have some sort of regulating body? She has a responsibility towards your husband and this isn't good enough. It will leave you unsure as to whether she will let him down again and he should be able to have complete confidence in her surely?
Hello Elaine

Thank you for your reply. Yes, therapists have a regulating body, the BACP or UKCP and you are right, my husband has expressed his feelings in an email to her and decided that they can no longer work together. He has started to contact a few other therapists and I am sure there is someone out there, committed and trustful. We will keep looking.

I have a very good one who I know does Skype. I don't know if she has vacancies but if you pm me I will send her details
I have a relative who is a qualified counsellor and tells me that not all online therapists are actually qualified. Beware of this when searching around.