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Hi all.

Just trying to get a bit of general info if poss.

Does anyone know at what age a child is eligible to have access to a social work from the children with disabilities team? I seem to have a vague memory (could well be wrong) that they do not usually see kiddies under 5 but I'm not sure.

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I never heard of a CWD team. Sounds like a good idea.
Hi, I've never heard of there being a lower age limit as long as the child has a formal diagnosis.

Bowlingbun, do not be deceived by CWT. Sounds brill .... but depends on the team. Where I live they are the worst team - no stars. Many of the SW are agency, they are short staffed and a lot of the staff they do have, have NO knowledge or experience of disability!!! The good ones quickly leave...

My son is now 32, but in my role as Chairman of a Charity concerned with disabled children, I remember pleading with the authorities to change the system so that the "professionals" came to the children in one place, rather than the children being dragged here there and everywhere. We waited for 6 months for a test to see if he was colour blind, essential for his statement according to the professionals. I was an ex social worker who used to run a Brownie pack, there had never ever been any indication that he had difficulty with colours, but what did I, as a mother, know? I only live a few minutes away from the local hospital where this particular consultant was holding a clinic. I rang in advance, explained my son's disability, and asked them to ring me if there was likely to be a delay, then I could come down at the last minute. Nevertheless, we waited in a general hospital outpatients department for well over an hour, by which time he was climbing over everything, scowls at me from all directions (my other son was always perfectly behaved). Then finally it was our turn to see the consultant. The colour charts had numbers in dots of one colour, surrounded by dots of another colour. My son had SLD and did not recognise numbers - so the whole appointment was a complete and utter waste of time! I still remember the way I felt about it all 25 years later, so the idea of a SWD team seemed great. Shame it doesn't work in practice. Parents with young disabled children need all the support they can get.
the colour test experience sounded a nightmare. S and I struggle with lack of understanding when attending medical appointments still.

I think the idea of a disabled childrens team IS a good idea - but staff recruitment, training and retention are all important.