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I am offended by your silence. - Carers UK Forum

I am offended by your silence.

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Right, that it. I'm just about up to here with people who dont post anything at all! They think they can lurk around without expressing an opinion, reading other people's posts, but never willing to join in. Well, let me tell you they get right up my nose, these silent lurkers, these forum freeloaders and social networking parasites. Image
SO, if you are reading this and have yet to make a post, well, now is your big chance to defend your continued silence !
Perhaps they are scared of you Image ? I am Image ! Perhaps you need to tell them first how to download Google spelcheker Image .
Image I admit it.... I was a 'lurker'
Only because I could never find the time to post without being distracted!
But now I have it sussed.....
I get up at 5am.
Only trouble is, getting up this early I find housy jobs to do in peace as well...
I will try to post more often...

I`m afraid Scally,i`m very afraid,and Malice is too.We promise to post more often and do our best not to incur your wrath.
Hey who rattled Scallys cage Image

Today I'm not lurking I'm procrastinating (I'm supposed to be typing an essay up Image )
I admit it!! I lurk sometimes Image Image
And sometimes I log in, get called away so sit on the board for ages and then turn off without actually having had time to read anything Image Image Image
ok... Who let Scally out? Stop being a grumpy old git and scaring people and they might just venture out a bit more. Personally I picture you like this:

but I'm sure the newer lurkers picture you differently, or are looking for something specific and don't have time to spell check everything before posting. You're a bit intimidating. Sometimes I come on, see if anyone's replied or whats new, get shouted for and think "Fluff it I really can't be fluffed with this tonight" (change the fluff's to another well known F word....)


Scally!!!!!!!!!!! YOU lurk.....take last Saturday night for instance, there I was in the chat room (so were you) trying to initiate a conversation....not a single word (spelt wrong or correctly) did you utter! Image
Now did I offend you with a post on here or had you fallen asleep?
Perhaps you were lurking?????

Ye who doth dwell in yonder glasshouse shalt not cast stones Image
Ooh Scally Image aren't we enough for you??!! Image

Image Image

PS though I sometimes wish there was more to read on the forum ....
maybe some people scally just prefer to read and hopefully find some comfort in other peoples words x
96 posts