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Today I went to the surgery to pick up a letter from the GP needed to request a companion bus pass...been waiting for this for a week and a half, gone there three times with different receptionist not knowing where it was, and today I finally got it but with a £10 charge!! When I asked why...the receptionist told me in a annoyed tone...that they are entlited to charge! Again I ask why? Because they can in a nutshell...was her answer and went off to talk to the next person Image
The letter was not more than three lines...anyone else had this??
I mean my son has severe needs, and they keep asking me for proof of his dissability so if the gp is going to charge for each letter...seems really unfair. This is my GP and my OH too, he knows how stress I have been lately due to caring and he has provided letters before without charging...mmm makes me wonder if the change has something to do with the last visit when I had to tried to give my views about my OH difficulties and how I was unhappy with about the lattest report and not being consulted about anything...so much for working with carers, I can't say a thing due to patient confidentiaty was all I got..but they could at least listen with a bit of simpaty.
I think I'm going to change GP...what will you do?
I just wish I did not have to go to the surgery so often! Image
I'd change my GP too if I knew where I could find one who understood what it means to be a carer. I had the same GP for over 30 years who knew all my extended family, but he retired. He was replaced by a self opionated South African. He has no idea of compassion, and doesn't seem to understand the UK system of government which affect our lives as carers. For a while the surgery had a lovely Australian female GP, coincidentally some of my Australian friends had her as a GP before she moved to the UK. Sadly, she's now left to return to Australia.
Might not be the GP who was charging, the receptionist might have taken it upon herself to apply the charge.

Our GP has always written letters for free for S, but when I have enquired about it at reception the receptionist has said that there would be a charge. However, the lovely GP always ensured there was no charge after all.

It drives me mad the constant requesting of letters to prove disability etc that are required from the GP. He wrote S a fabulous letter for his passport to leisure card that enables his carer to also swim for free, he wrote, "S needs a carer with him at all time and this will be the case indefinitely."

We have to write all sorts of supporting letters and fill in non educational forms for our children at school, usually in our time but would never dream of charging!