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Anne McGuire web chat

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I've just been looking at the transcript of todays web chat and couldn't help noticing the only Question asked By Imelda Redmond was about getting more carers back to work!

The full transcript of the web chat can be seen here>>

I have read through the Ann McGuires web chat. WHAT A LOAD OF OLD TOSH . Emelda Redmond is doing what i have seen other countless people do in her position and that is to tipy toe round ministers for fear of upsetting them in a nut shell all that Ann McGuire could keep on saying is WE ARE LOOKING INTO IT yea sure like a hole in the road, no doubt she will announce shortly the governments favourite cop out THIER TEN YEAR PLAN notice they didn't wait 10 years to put their plan for a pay rise in to effect why didn't anybody mention that in her idiotic web chat.
So it's not just me and my suspicious mind?

I'm wondering is Imelda confused?
Is she also running an Employment Agency along side of being CEO of a Carers charity,
maybe she gets mixed up which role she is suppose to be speak as at times?

Where is the question on behalf of the worst off Carers, you remember them don't you Imelda?
The 24/7 Carers living on the paltry £48.65 Carers Allowance, you know, the ones that can't leave their caree to go out to work. The ones that are self - funding their caring role etc.

I hope you'll excuse my sceptasism, but I find it very telling of the regard in which the 24/7 Carer is held, the fact that they either aren't mentioned at all or now an again as an after thought is giving the game away.
Well I tried to get an answer vc5en is me!
I got a load of.....waffle.
I didn't really expect anything else did you? Image
marie x
a complete waste of an hour of my life
I have to say that I ignore web chats with politicians.

Now you know why. They are meaningless and no different from any other form of interview: whatever the question you will only hear what they want you to hear - and at the moment that is "wait until the review comes out."

As for the questions asked, how many questions were you allowed to submit? And, if more than one, who chose the question for publication?
well - its been said over and over again - some carer's cannot go to work - and what about someone like me - who has two disabled children to care for - they just confirmed sophie's diagnosis of mosaic downs syndrome - although there is still discrepancies over her diagnosis - complicating - will post another thread about it.... and my other two children have been diagnosed with ring 21 syndrome!!!!

how can I be expected to live off 48.65?????? I have too many costs - starting to get annoyed now with the amount of petrol and time Im spending on appointments - think I may have to look into a way of claiming cost of petrol and every time we park at the royal surrey hospital - even though I have a disabled disk there are never any spaces and we end up paying £2.00 parking!!!!!
REDMOND SHOULD GO she has no idea what carers want she should have pushed the government spokeswoman and told her straight she is sitting on a time bomb not one carer should lose out all this talk about carers back to work its just **** most caree`s want their own family to care for them not strangers to enable the carer to go out and work when i was working and looking after STAN my life was dificult to say the least how can a carer work and still be fit to care for some one 24/7 the working time directive is about 38 hours so use your brain REDMOND how can we care 24/7 and take up paid employment i would not be supprised if working carers get some kind of allowance and others like me with small private pension get nowt as iam sure we will have means tested benefits she should have made it clear the strenght of feeling from carers re means tested benefits .
all i want is an increase in carers allowance free respite care for the old doll (she gets 4 weeks free now via army) but when she is in respite you should also pay for the carer to have a break prescription help dental care, optical , no council tax if you are carer and live with caree (i pay my half minus 25%)

in my trade union days we would call people like this educated idiots .

GEORGE iam still annoyed at carers uk statement when they said


could someone tell me who they think wil be losers
Well George the way it is looking the losers will be all carers, the only winners will be the charity workers because they will keep there well paid jobs for another 40 years.
Lets say hypothetically - I had or didnt have children and none of them were disabled and I went to work in a care home - I would get at least a minimum wage... and for whatever hours I worked - e.g. 9 to 5... so how is it fair that we should get £48.65 a week to do a 24/7 job....
I think its very fair for all carers to expect a wage based income - because they CANNOT work a full time paid job.... I know Im sounding repetitive sorry. I can completely see where you are coming from!!!