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a message for all u lot - Carers UK Forum

a message for all u lot

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Its funny how I am alone, girls in bed and theres no one here, back hurts from dong amys physio and when i got her out the bath something went twang (again)
yet i come on here and im not
i do find just being sociable hard at times, even on a forum but even thats ok on here

If id never have found this site im sure i wouldnt have coped with things from amys operations, to the post traumatic stress and bipola diagnosis and then all the things that now go on.

The people on here, people who apart from sue ive never met yet i know so well and who know me, i feel i can put my heart on my sleve and no ones going to judge , but offer honest advice and support.
Thank you, sorry that little word isnt enough to show my gratitude to the people on here, but when i find a way or a word big enough I will make sure u all know it.

i hope that knowing that even though in your own lifes u struggle and fight you have made at least one person smile through tears on more than one occasion, and i hope that tonight when u go to bed u smile to yourself and know even if its been an awful day for u and u feel un-appretiated. theres a pixie that does appretiate u all, and not just once in a while , but every day.
hugest warm hugs to all of u

Your words are so, so appreciated Sweetheart Image

You are right. This place is a special one indeed and helps lift everyone's spirits.

Another thing too...

... you are a special Pixie indeed - remember that Image

Sezzie x x x
Pixie, you are an amazing person.

You're funny, kind and sympathetic.

I love reading your posts.
Take care xx
Oh Rin what you go and do that for.....tears at bedtime are no good at my age! Led in bed at the moment (my back went twang too a couple of days ago!), Bobby snoring to the right in his bed and wrapped up in my dressing gown that he pulled down, Evil Edna at my feet taking up more room than a great dane and Tony fast asleep snoring on my left!

Night night sweetheart, believe me you are a very bright star in this forum and you make an awful lot of us smile so the thanks go back to you, a million times over.

Love ya'
Bell x
We were blessed the day you joined us Rin. You give so much of yourself, not just to those you Love at home but on here too.

Bell called you a bright star. She is so right.

x x x x
Pixienubbins, i do not think you will ever find 2 better words, espiecially the way you put them, a big thank you to you as well.
Pix, I said this last year:
Rin, you are one incredible lady. You've been a member for almost two years and when you post you're a breath of fresh air.
I stand by it. Thank you.
Rin, thanks for your post.

I, and I'm sure many others here, feel the same way but I don't think it could have been said better.

Oh you`ve got me at it as well , had to go and get a tissue Image

As the old saying goes " such a n old head on such young shoulders "

What can I say but,Thank You Pixie.

Judy xx
i know i can get through going to the dr today because ive got friends behind me. i know i can pop in and see matt with cerys quickly after because i have support after. ure good people, better than good.