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regional choices.

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now i wonder if tony blair,when setting devolution going,forsee the new diversity in health care?.NO LONGER An NHS in truth,but the English Health service,The Scottish and Welsh health services will operate under very different ideals.

i think it will be interesting and very useful.its a dynamic of devolved power.I think it will be very useful to see which system works best.

i see no problem with effective private health care companies providing services with the state.free at the point of use.

i do feel that the people of england should have been told of these ideas for health reforms in the 2010 general election campaign.i think it was wrong not to spell out these ideas then.

but then much was not said back then.

getting this new formula right in england is vital.i just hope they dont mess-up.
I like the idea of getting the private companies in to help provide services in the NHS - but what really irritates me is the lack of information about the services available locally.

It's all fine and dandy if you are a new user of services, you get all the up-to-date information but the older users are left phone bashing and have to accidentally stumble across information that is given to new patients as a matter of routine.

Is it really hard to pass the information on to the departments we currently use and get them to contact us regarding new developments just so we can all know what is out there?
private sector has already been buying blood from the NHS for years. So if you give a pint of blood(or whatever it is these days,you could well be parting with it for someone who has paid to have a tummy tuck and is bleeding profusely.
apparently hospitals will be allowed to do as many private operations as they want.
What happens to the NHS patients?
The surgeons cannot be in two places at once.
I can see the waiting lists for NHS patients getting a lot longer. Image