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Spoke too soon

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Since my last entry on the forum, when I thought that I had managed to stablize my wife, she has dropped down even further into a state of depression and the psychosis has come back slightly, Thank God for valium, it has to be one of my best friends at the moment.
To make things worse, I have started to get chest pains, I saw the GP who did an ECG and everything was normal, she suggested that it was a bad case twisted oesophagus and told me that I had to slow down, how is this even possible Image, looking after my Wife, house, bills, dogs, I tried to put in place what Exclibur said, it lasts okay for a short period, then everything comes at once Image and throws it right out of syn, can't wait for the GP to return on the 28th April Image try to get some things sorted out.
Thiking of you and your wife.

Take care.
Yes, you take care of yourself the best you can. If it's all proving too much, why not go for a quick walk around the block, get some fresh air, I find that a bit of exercise helps. Something to do with the way the body works, i dont really understand it, but it relieves tension anyway.
Exercise releases endorphins which are the body's natural opioids, hence the feeling of wellbeing during and after exercise. A brisk walk or similar exercise might, as Excalibur suggests, reduce your stress levels. If you cannot stay away long enough for a walk, sitting in the garden for a few minutes can help, sometimes we just need a bit of time to ourselves.
My wife sometimes falls asleep in the afternoons, so could quickly slip out for a short walk, get some of those thingys released, I let you know how I get on Image
Good idea, Mark. Stress can cause chest pains, too, by the way, so the walking might actually help that too.
Walking helps me too Mark.I can also get some thinking time in, which I really don't when I am at home with the family round me.
Good luck, hope you manage to get some walking or other way to have some time to yourself.
taking the dog for a walk is my 'time-out' - it gives me thinking space and most days when I come home again the issues that were really bugging me have been sorted in my head, if that makes sense.
Thanks Annie, that's it. I used to find if you have a bad toothache, then go for a brisk walk or a run and it seems to get better.