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Amelda Redmonds CBE

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
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the way we develop these threads is great,interesting viewpoints.Im forever mindfull of the fact that,for every one declared carer,theres hundreds,if not many thousands,who are doing hard fulltime caring,and never show-up in any stats,only estimated at.No CBEs for them.But,to be less nasty,my point is,we can,at best, only ever hope to reach but a few.we cannot dare to claim to speak for them.We can only guess asto the challenges these may face every day.we cannot even come close to understanding hows so many endure. Image
Non relative who may be in paid employment first, cant get me head round that one all 3,4,5, million of them ? - the disabled person may in fact have their own relatives nearby maybe just waiting for the sale of the house -
Gordon Brown said he wanted to "help and support families who accepted their own rsponsabilities and reward them " without good families offering care and support the N.H.S. would be in deep finacial trouble, would you as a tax payer be happy if your tax`s were used to pay a "friend or neighbour " for being just that a friend or neighbour , i would say very few tax payers would accept that situation, some tax payers may be prepared to pay extra to support families who have accepted their responsabilities a responsability that we dont actualy have ....as many of them may be in the same boat as us in the next few years..

carers assesments, i have been in contact with Wansbeck council re an assesment, over the phone i have been told " not to expect any financial help at all " as we are "pension rich " but to still have the assesment as it will confirm how much help and support i / we need, maybe thats why very few people even have an assesment ....
Our social worker has been trying to push us into a carers assessment and a disabled persons assessment. We don't need an assessment so that some social worker can tell what he thinks we need. We have told him what we need and want and the social worker has simply told us that there is no money in the budget. I am not willing to sit through three to four hours of "assessment" knowing that we will get sod all out of it and that it will just add to their figures of "unmet need".

The law is an ass when it states thatyou have the right to a carers assessment but that you do not have the right to have those assessed needs met - what the heck is the point?

Apologies to Boggle, who posted after Eun here. In trying to split another post by Eun into another topic I managed to mess up Boggle's post. Image Image

Boggle had posted agreeing with Eun and saying she couldn't see the point of jumping through hoops for nothing.

Sorry about that Boggle. Image
I aint in a rush for a wheelchair as the old doll is useing STANS old chair that we bought( it`s a wee bit big) have just had a call from s.worker / o.therapist they have said they will "push" the wheelchair paper work through as quickly as poss and we should have one within six months ermmm summits wrong not right me thinks six months - i hope the tories can do it quicker ....we can not have a 4 wheeled shopper - with seat - have not said why, they may be means tested me thinks ......
Lets just clear up one misconception: neither Carers UK, nor Imelda Redmond, as far as I am aware, have ever claimed to speak for ALL carers. Just the 8,000 or 9,000 members for whom they have a mandate - who to be fair are a fairly wide cross section. Let's clear up another myth, a gong is just a gong, letters, it is nice but merely a token of respect. But it is useful publicity for the cause and the charity and maybe helps establish our credibility with funders.
Seldom,if ever,does a true hero or herroin get recognised.profile,or being team-leader,the face of the cause,charity,gets a gong as,supposedly,collective recognition.At those dreadfull movie award fests,you offten get the turgid,cringe-making,acceptance speech with those yawn-making lines,"This "Gong",is not just for me,its for,the team,my family,freinds,the milkman,postman,sundry others etc".Its utter rot ofcourse.Awards,like arrows,may be aimed with noble intent,though i feel im being far too kind saying that,and i dont buy i for a minute anyway,they rarely reach a really singular target of great worth.Maybe,if we must have such a very inprecise merit system,and i feel theres no need for such things,anyway,then,if we must have the things,a gong for the charity or,better-still,in my view,a day of recognition,ie-national or international,or univsersal carers day,seems to be better in aim.There are numerous REAL heros who never seek,much less get a gong.On rare,alltoo rare,occasions,an award IS valid,right,overdue,very-good.Such is the case yesterday,when,late in the day,some 70 years late,several outstanding souls who saved many from the nazi death camps,wrisking their own lives,were,at long,long last,rewarded.small voices,not the head of a charity,not a face,I have,if im honest,no time at all,the more i think of it,for a gong for a job.with great respect to all,i honestly feel a gong awarded to any ceo of a charity is "earned" if "earned" such a plaudite could ever be,for such a role,nothing personal to ceos,on the backs of those the charity is supposed to be all about.those it exists to help.i just find that pretty foul.Yet,we as a society get what we deserve.When polls and petitions seeking a knighthood for Bruce Forsyth are the stuff folk seek,fine-an-entertainer as brucie is,its not really saying for much for the populus.Maybe,we deserve the shallow,trivial,awards system we have. Image
I can think of many people who deserve and will never receive any kind of award, and some who seem to have been awarded OBEs for being "celebrities" or for winning an Olympic medal - surely sufficient award of its own (and sufficiently rare in this country to be of note).

Should that detract from those others - and yes, I do include Imelda Redmond among them - who deserve recognition for their achievements?

If nothing else, it's welcome positive publicity for Carers UK and may even help to open a few doors in the media department - just look at the recent media coverage on social care, the missing PCT millions for carers, etc.
Eric Ruthven's an ordinary kind of bloke, and he got an MBE following an exemplary career helping Scottish Ferry Passengers with CalMac: an oustanding man who also happens to have Downs Syndrome but showed that wasnt going to stop him helping everyone else and holding down a real job - there are heroes all around us:


Anyway, whatever you think of the honours system, it is considered very rude to criticise someone for getting one unless they made a l;arge donation to a political party and were appointed chair of a quango or EU commissioner of something like that. Fact is that the system has been abused since time immemorial - Lloyd George wasnt the first PM to auction honours to the highest bidder, and not the last either. So its nice when one gets awarded purely on merit.
I think that is it really it detracts from those who really deserve them, tbh whevever these things are announced I automatically think of over paid celebrities getting yet more praise, it's mixed in with our celebrity culture ie celebrity is brave forever more because her marriage is breaking up, that kind of thing.
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