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Amelda Redmonds CBE

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I think ideally awards of any sort should only go to unpaid people as a salary is in recognition of work that has been done and nothing more is needed.
Just my opinion.
I just dont sgree with the so called honours list it`s just a way of rewarding friends and that devalues those who have actually worked hard for their community and are hounered, i have no problem with rewards for valour or long service be it at work or within H.M. forces, i turned down long service from metro 25 years but accepted long service from union i was paid for the 25 years at work and that was all i wanted, STAN accepted his medal for valour with pride from the FRENCH as he worked for it - yet he and all P.O.W`s taken prisoner before 1941 were not awarded the FRENCH - GERMAN star as they were not classed as "combatant`s" yet they fought on even when taken P.O.W. thank you Mr Churchill ......
I think ideally awards of any sort should only go to unpaid people as a salary is in recognition of work that has been done and nothing more is needed.
Just my opinion.
Its a valid point - some people say the same thing about tipping. In the old days if you kept your nose clean and didnt annoy too many people getting to the top of your profession you got your gong on retirement - like my dad who picked up a well-deserved OBE at aged 65 following a distinguished University career. But the honours system is riddled with anomalies, with a vast number of them going to top civil servants where they are given out like sweeties by their mates. Imelda did well to get one on pure merit whilst still in service - in fact when I saw the announcement I was genuinely alarmed that it would be followed by an announcement that she was leaving us !!!!

I love the idea that medals are about valor, gosh, if so the Duke must be an incredibly brave man to have all this brass on his chest - nothing at all to do with whom he married !
I believe that medals should be offered and accepted with pride.Well done to your Dad Excalibur.
In 1982, the Queen came to Pembrokeshire for Maundy Thursday to give money to deserving pensioners. My Nan was one of the lucky ones, and yes, she had done a lot of good throughout her life. I was working on a Care of the Elderly ward, long stay patients, and I will never forget that morning.All of the nurses and patients got the workload over and done with by 11am, so that we could sit and watch the service on TV, and we were all so proud that these people receiving coins, were locals, people who had served their community well. It is a long time ago now, and those old ladies and men I nursed are long dead, but they all showed such pride in their home county.Perhaps that is what is missing in general with the awards system,local and national pride.
It reminds me of being in the scouts, endless badges covering both arms. And I was a Queens Scout by the age of 17, but even at the time I was starting to question the whole idea of honours and awards. Eric Ruthven is the kind of nice, ordinary, decent guy who probably deserves his MBE more than anyone, but there must be a lot more like him out there:

http://www.calmac.co.uk/Default.aspx.Lo ... ang-EN.htm
yes,i do agree,in the case of our brave service personel,army,navy,raf,police,fire service.ambulance,who do exceptional things,they should be recognised.with great respect to all,i dont feel theres any logic in giving a gong merely for time served.politician,accademic whatever.a career should not,upon retirement be reason for some honor.such folks were well paid and get a very decent pention.ample reward,i feel. as for the honors very many do get in the queens honors,for every one charity worker,how many dont get ever recognised.on the one and only occasion that i did nominate,to then pm,john major,a person i strongly felt merited an award.only did that once in my life,only felt the urge to so,once.pity of it was the person died before an award of any sort was given.but god knows,never,in my view was an award so richly deserved.Image
as one often does,one argues with oneself.i just seem to find nothing is ever ever simple.never black and white.never so easy.i feel,as i stated,very very very rarely,in my view,does a body appear worthy of merit above the legions of very worthy souls who never get a gong.i did fin one,once,who merited my urgeing the then pm to give that soul a gong.only happened that once,as i said.but it is never so clear cut.i find,on occasion,rarely,but,on the odd one,i do say that a soul did deserve that award.but never,thus far,have i,with great respect,found myself saying,yes,to a charity paid chief exec getting a gong.i just cringe at the very concept,frankly. Image
I'm not a big fan either, Maxi, but that is the system we have, and it reflects well on us that Imelda was given her award.
My dad was well chuffed with his OBE, and his generation mostly had respect for the monarchy; but I'm also of the generation that would smell a rat even if there wasn't one. Anyway the Monarchy is a bit of a joke really - they gained the job by virtue of the bloodthirstiness of their forebears or by marriage not by merit: I dont really believe in the principle of hereditary honours and I can't see why we are supposed to respect people by nature of their birth, either. We are all equal, arent we? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jock_Tamson's_Bairns
Yes I agree with Linda we are all left to own devices and circumstances suffering in silence goes day by day i have spoken to Matt and Gavin and they admit that change is slow.

We have discussed on many post carers rights and disabled rights but they seem to mean blow all. What is the point i say does Emelda Redman really UNDERSTAND THE POVERTY AND STRESS we are all suffering now not 2018 if any of us or our carees are still here.

I think not that we are not worth mentioning when it come to goverment priorities and what we all do as FULLTIME UNPAID CARERS you can have as many reviews conferencecs debates etc but enough is enough when the goverment cannot even listen to their own DWP SELECT COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS ABOUT CARERS BENEFITS NOT FIFT FOR PURPOSE IN THIS DAY AND AGE. Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

UNDERSTAND THE POVERTY AND STRESS we are all suffering now not 2018 if any of us or our carees are still here.
To be fair to the facts Kenneth, not all carers are suffering poverty and stress - some live quite comfortably, it is a bit of a lottery. We are quite a diverse bunch of people actually, with a wide range of circumstances, but we all recognise that some carers have a much harder furrow to plough than others, and of course improving that inequitable situation is a key priority for all in terms of policy and campaigning work.
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