Hi all..

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me, as the information on 'Direct.Gov'
isnt very clear, let alone helpful !

I have been caring for my Father since April 2013, and I decided to register as Self Employed in May 2013, to earn a bit of extra money.

Im sticking with all the rules.. not earning more than £100 pw,ect and I make sure that my hours work around my Dad's needs.

Work really hasnt brought in the extra pounds I was hoping for and living off CA only pays my monthly out-goings. Im lucky to be earning £20 for 3 hours work !

Like most of us, things really are tight and its a struggle.

So, although Self Employed and I have a 'Certificate of Low Income' which excuses me from National Insurance Contributions, am I entitled to claim anything else than CA ?

Im not being greedy, but the 'Direct.Gov' website gives me the impression that theres loads of money waiting to be picked up !

Any advice would be warmly appreciated x