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The phone rings.... it's the care agency

Our regular carer is on holiday, and they are sending a replacement, but that replacement has gone off sick.... with me so far? So the care agency proudly tell me they have found someone else who can do 'peg feeding' for my partner.....mmmmm.... that is really, really, very clever....I am being sarcastic. Why? because my partner has no problems feeding himself the regular way, sat at a table with a plate in front of him, so why do you want to try 'peg feeding' him? It would be a very clever trick for someone who hasn't got a 'peg'.........
Oh dear, I think they have it wrong, but after a quick apology, they come up with a better idea - they are going to send us another carer Yippee, Yay and all stuff like that......oh but they have more news... this carer has no idea how to change a stoma bag....mmmmmm... but that is what we want doing, so why are you sending her?? Good one this.... they want ME to TRAIN HER !!! So, they are going to charge social services for a visit, the lovely carer is going to travel out to this remote village, so I can train her - hang on... isn't something a bit skewed here... am I wrong in thinking that the care agency should be training their own staff, not me???? OH for heaven's sakes, I am glad I don't drink, or I would be hitting the bottle..... where is the kettle instead?? :dry: :dry: :dry: :dry: :dry: :dry:
I'd invoice the care agency for my time and expertise, and notify the council so they can ask for a refund or credit of the fees the agency charge them
Just like any other professional busines transaction
What a cheek.
I once had a social worker saying she liked coming to see me, as she learned so much from me!
Mary, I had this with S, that I could train someone without a clue about autism and let them shadow me ... Mmm, and that's supposed to be respite?! I don't mind sharing my knowledge of S but to start from scratch with the absolute basics ...no chance!

BB, I have heard that frequently over the years, the most laughable being off so called professionals working for the disabled children's team.

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