All Parties Parliamentary Group for Carers - Hellooooooo !

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Yes the minutes are available. The background is this thread in which we have made clear how people can get copies of the minutes.

The minutes are available on a mailing list at the moment. Anyone can sign up to receive them. However as I explained the decision to publish them on the internet is not Carers UK's to take. We support the idea that they should be on the website but it is only right that this is agreed first by the members of the APPG, who are Parliamentarians. We have promised we will raise this at the next meeting, and once the agreement is given we will put the minutes on the web.

I don't see this a case of heavy handed moderation just one of courtesy to the group who's minutes they are.

[Minutes of APPG posted without permission. Removed by Carers UK Moderator.]
same old story. Image
ive asked for minutes got nowt