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Further to my message on Jan 3rd - can anyone tell me why the minutes are not published on the web?

No reply from the people who take the minutes or the email contact.


I think that is a question for the APPG group themselves. If you have emailed Kate Groucutt (the contact we gave you to get a copy of the minutes) I am sure she will reply to you in due course.

all the best

No idea why, and I reckon it should be no problem for CUK to publish them as there is no secret about them. I don't know if they have to clear that with the APPG(?) but it makes sense to publish them, or to publish something that tells us what the group is doing. I'm more interested in the actions of politicians. They speak louder, but I agree with your overall point.

The contact point we were given sent them on to me when I requested them, following your enquiry, so no problem there in the meantime.
if you dont publish them for all to see carers wil think you have something to hide just put minutes or whatever you have on forum site without us having to send emails .

GEORGE --- very busy this week cant even listen to radfio 4 carers stuff
Hi everyone,

As you know, the minutes are available through a mailing list at present. Kate will ask the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) at the next meeting if they have any objections to Carers UK putting the minutes on our website as a download.

The decision rests with the MP's who make up the APPG and we'll let you know what they say.

All the best

Welcome back Matt

[Minutes of APPG posted without permission. Removed by Carers UK Moderator.]
Carers United,
you do not have permission to post those minutes so i have removed them. As we have explained the decision to put the minutes on the internet should come fromt he APPG group themselves. Carers UK will be recommending that we do make the minutes available, but until the decision has been taken, I have removed them.

Matt Hill
Carers UK
WEll.... I guess if Carersunited got them, they must be in the public domain so people can go search and find them themselves.

Seems silly to remove them if they're already published elsewhere the agency's already given the go ahead so why would they not want them here?

This is getting petty and unnecissarily so. Image

marie66 x
WEll.... I guess if Carersunited got them, they must be in the public domain so people can go search and find them themselves. marie66 x
Agreed. Under the FOI legislation ALL of these kind of documents are regarded as in the public domain - even drafts. Can the mods please realise that any form of censorship except the deletion of nonsense, spam or personal abuse is an attack on the integrity of this community, and will be vigorously opposed by the majority of members.