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Ajax-Lewis v United Kingdom. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Ajax-Lewis v United Kingdom.

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I have fully read the article now.

Any one who wants to support Sue can contact the magazine at...

yours@emap.com ...mark it for the attention of Rosie Sandall,she's the reader Care Editor.

For those who prefer writing,post to

Bretton Court

Again mark it for the attention of Rosie Sandall.

The article includes comments from the Head of Policy and Public Affairs at CUK.

If anyone finds some information about care services/benefits in Europe,please share it here.

Take care
I will do it in the morning and get a sticky on Carers United board, things like this get the imagination going and opens up another avenue, its human rights after all...isn't it?
Ok,help needed please.

I have a link I want to put here but its real long...how do I reduce it.Any ideas???
And why havent CUk done this before now?
Why has it been left to a lone carer to do?
This lady has got my backing.
Please understand that any case going to any court has to be for one individual: CUK and other charities are not in a position to help in that way. The potential cost is enormous.

But they can support the action in the way carers are trying to do here, as it goes a long way towards one of their main goals.
Rosemary, there are several websites that will do this for you. One of them is http://www.tiny.cc/
Hope this works.......


Thx Snoopy
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Hahaha...like a kid with a new toy..it worked.You have to wait a few seconds for it to show.
We should al support her but she will never win
as far as iknow the carers allowance is not a BENEFIT and the powers that be have allways made it clear that it is not PAYMENT for work being done.

anyway lets hope she wins but if she did win what about the cost we have 6 million carers in UK and i think about 2 million receive the carers allowance it would rise from about £50 per week to £250 per week (minimum wage) but as weknow most carers "work" 24/7 we would then have to look at the working time directive you cant use euro law for one thing and then turn a blind eye to others as a carer would we get paid for 168 hours per week because thats what we do.
also if the PAY for carers was so high you would have more and more relatives given up work to care for parents / children.
one thing i cant understand is that a fostercarer and they do a good job gets in our area about £400 per child per week is that a wage or a benefit
if, as you say, carers allowance is not a benefit, how come the overlapping benefit rule?
The government describes Carers Allowance as a benefit, and has made the comment that it is worked for - the quote is given earlier in the thread. They really have no case.

As for anything else, if they lost, I suppose it would be paid at 35 hours a week - because that is what you have to do to get it.