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Ajax-Lewis v United Kingdom. - Carers UK Forum

Ajax-Lewis v United Kingdom.

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Yesterday I bought a copy of 'Yours' magazine.

on page 128-129 is an article about a lady Sue Ajax-Lewis that has launched a case against the Government in the European Court of Human Rights.

'Sue's complaint is that Carer's Allowance discriminates against carers as it is the only UK benefit for which people have to work.
She says the benefit should be classed as a weekly payment worth the equivalent of the national minimum wage and paid to carers of all ages.'

Her case is headed - Ajax-Lewis v United Kingdom - and she has been told that her case will be heard within the next 6 months.

Are Carers Uk supporting this lady.

I can think of plenty of carers who do.
Dear PamR: I saw the same piece in the magazine, it is something that needed to be brought out into the open and she has done that and every carers charity or organisation should be backing her, it will be interesting to see if anyone from carersuk will be making a statement on the case, anyone who takes on the government, the european court, should get our backing, if she wins it will be an imense victory, we can only keep our fingers crossed.

All the best Tony Image
Bearing in mind that Carers UK has already told us on this website that their eventual aim is for Carers Allowance to be paid at the minimum wage, I would have thought it would be hard not to be supportive of this case.
Well done to this lady and more power to her elbow. I really hope the charity gets behind this one and gives her every encouragement they possibly can Image
Many thanks for showing us this Pam.It will be of interest to so many.

If not heard for approx 6 months,can we as carers not get behind it and show support like we do others.
I have no idea how other countries in Europe provide services/benefits and later today will use google to try find some information.In the meantime if anyone else knows what services there are in other countries perhaps you could share your knowledge with us.

We have several options open to us.

1. Gather as much information as possible and compare UK with Europe ( if in our favour )

2. Use the above information along with our own circumstances, to send letters of support to
any/all of the following:-

To Sue herself c/o Yours magazine.
To Yours magazine anyways
To the legal firm handling this for her.
To the Courts direct

The more examples that they receive which shows how unjust/unfair/disgusting our current system is can only be for the good.

Let me know your thoughts.

Take care everyone
x x x x
What a good idea rosemary.

All the best Tony Image
I read the article - count me in on any support for this Image
good thinking Rosmary. i think we should do all we can to support this lady, and your ideas are great.
i wish you luck with your research, and i will try to do some myself.
Having problems on the Yours site - think it's me.

However, this may be of use to the lady concerned: Hansard (House of Commons) debates for 10th Feb 2003: col 641. Maria Eagle, then Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, admitted: "However, of the 450,000 carers, only 30,000 or so manage to combine part-time work with caring. We want to encourage them to do that when possible, but as I have said, they qualify for the benefit only if they work in a caring role for at least 35 hours a week." This is an exact quote and shows that the government admits that carers are working for their benefit.
If it was ruled that carers would be entitled to say 36 hours per week (cant see Govt allowing more hours) at £5.35 (current minimum wage), carers allowance could be potentially increased to £192.60. Bit more reasonable than the current insult of £48.65 per week.
I'd be concerned about the potential fraud this ruling would encourage. Once people realise they can "earn" in the region of £200 per week, believe me there are some immoral people out there who would do it....and most likely get away with it. They would pretend to be carers and if the law is as flimsy as it is for other benefit claimant's, they would be blagging all the way to the undisclosed bank account.
Sorry to be so cycnical - bad week at work!
Anyway to end on a positive note, I'll be supporting Mrs Ajax-Lewis all the way.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Image CB