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I have been on the phone for an hour to GOSH about my sons care, treatment and diagnosis. They said they would be able to speak with me at 8.30. I am beside myself with worry about my disabled child and SS keep abusing me when I am asking for help. He is being locked up every night by his dad. SS out of hours have told me that they have been given specific instructions to ignore my calls for help for my sick child. i have tried to explain this this is discrimination. But they are shsouting at me and telling me that unless GOSH tells them what to do they wont help my sick child. He is being left to die. please someone help me.
Lucy, we can only advise about things we have personal experience of, and no one here has been in the situation you are in. All I can add is that your child maybe entitled to Legal Aid in his own right. Search for "legal aid + the name of your home town".
I have just been shouted at by staff at GOSH. I am scared. They told me to call my local adult mental health team and to keep my mouth shut. I am terrified for my son now.
GOSH keep trying to refer me to adult services when i am raising my concerns about a disabled child. I am scared

I'm sorry you are scared.

On this forum, we are a relatively small group of carers past and present. We cannot act on your behalf, only offer experience of what we know.

I believe Carers Uk have PM'd you with suggestions of action you could take.

You could also request an advocate to represent your point of view. The professionals you are trying to convince might respond better to an advocate who will be able to put across your views without being emotionally involved.

I'm sorry, but I have no more advice to give.

I am sorry for asking for help. I called GOSH who diagnosed him and theyve told me to shut up. the social workers are shouting over me too, I am trying to get help for my son. The services that are supposed to be helping him are shutting me down. i dot understand why this is happening
When you are on the telephone have your answer machine on then you can record anyone being abusive and telling you to shut up. If you haven't a machine they are not expensive.
Melly's suggestion is sound advice. An advocate will be good. She, along with many of us have had battles to help loved ones. Try to help each other, and live in different county's
I too am sorry you are scared.
You have posted on many different threads on the forum. Not really advisable.
I have exhausted my thoughts on how to support you.
As said in another post I hope you find the answers you are looking for.
Hello Lucy

I'm not sure about this but why not call Citizens Advice? It isn't simply financial advice they offer. If you've exhausted most approaches it might be worth a chat with someone from them.

Best wishes, David
I have called lawyers and they say it will cost 10k to get help for my son. I am basically being told to let him die while he is with his dad. I am so frightened for him. I cant go on like this. I am literally begging for help with him.
He is entitled to free legal representation if the council are not complying with their legal duties, if he is a child.