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we have several different agency carers attending my husband twice a day. Most of them are fantastic but one is really care-less - not with the way she deals directly with my husband, but with her hygiene standards. For instance she throws his clean clothes on the bathroom floor every morning before she dresses him, she spills urine on the bed when emptying the catheter. Tonight as a result of real carelessness there were faeces on the living room carpet. Should I make a complaint?
Anne, that's simply not acceptable. Tell the agency you do not want her in your house again, as she is a job creation scheme, whereas she is supposed to be there to help you. Ask them to send someone who understands what the job entails in future.
Thanks Bowlingbun - you are so good at replying to posts quickly and with good advice :D
I did wonder if I was over-reacting, but you have made me see I do need to make a complaint and ask for this particular person to be removed from my rota.
The caring agency send one carer to me and expect me to help them with lifting my husband. When the carer visits a caree who lives alone, then a second carer accompanies her to help with lifting.
It occurs to me that the person living alone, and my husband, will be charged the same amount for care and that the agency are saving expenses by expecting me to help.
I have to lift my husband several times a day between the morning and evening visits from the carers as it is - is it reasonable to expect me to help the carer with lifting too?
Hmm, seems to my simple mind that if you only have one carer turning up, that is half the price of two carers turning up....

I recently booked out my MIL from her new care home, and the manager wanted to know exactly when she was going to be out and back, so she could staff accordingly. Whilst I am happy for her to save money overall, I could have said 'Well, since my MIL is continuing to pay the same amount whether she is there or not, she is, by definition, therefore paying for the same number of staff to be on duty....' (But I didn't!) (I'm not unreasonable - but if, in the future, I am 'not sure' when I am actually turning up to take her out, then I won't feel bad about it!)
No it is not. Refuse point blank to do it you are risking your back and tell them they need to provide two workers. My son has to have two workers and we have a ceiling hoist