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Advice wanted please. - Carers UK Forum

Advice wanted please.

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My client has 1 grandchild who they look after on weekends ...
Sometimes my client asks me if I could take her in my car to go and pick her grandson up as her daughter doesn't have a car.
The company who I work for have somehow found out about this and I was called into the office and told I can only take the lady in my car and I am not allowed to pick or drop her grandson off .
The woman was very upset when I told her that I can no longer picker her grandson up , it was something she looked forward to.
I have business insurance on my car but the company have warned me that I may lose my job if they find out I have picked her grandson up again.

Can my company actually fire me if I continue to take the lady to pick her grandchild up ?
I think you would probably need to read your work contract, and also the terms set out in the arrangement between your client and your company
When I worked in a residential home, a similar issue arose
Sometimes, when driving one of the guys around, we would spot one of their friends
Some staff would stop and offer a lift, others felt that from an insurance point of view they really shouldn't.
It took a lot of working out to resolve, but in our case it was decided to be fine for one of our guys to offer his friend a lift.
Hello Saliah

I am sorry but Carers UK is a charity set up to advise and support for those caring for family and'or friends in an unpaid, non professional capacity. Although we do have some members who wear both both hats (i.e. care unpaid for a family member but also work in the care industry) we are not really in a position to give you advice.

I would suggest that you contact ACAS or your union who would be better placed to advise you.
As a carer who wears both hats- both family and professiona, I would strongly urge you to listen to your employers. Should the worst happen and you were to have an accident, possibly even injuring the child and resulting in an insurance claim, I can see your Insurer having plenty of wiggle room and not paying the claim. Your purpose of employment is to care for a lady which may involve her travel but you are not insured in the business of taxi driver and or child care . I wouldn't fancy your chances of winning a court case. Having Business Insurance as a carer would not be adequate.