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Advice sought on new Carer's rights - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

Advice sought on new Carer's rights

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Good luck with this. I think the nhs now have responsibility for carers, I will look for more info regarding this when I get the chance.
Reading Christine's link above, it is clear that for most carers, the law is not yet of much help. However their is hope that responsible employers will take note of the judgement and act within it's spirit, rather than risk a legal fight. If the government do not co-operate with updated legislation soon. Then the way may be open for a class action against a recalcitrant large employer, e.g. NHS or Trust group.
best wishes normangardner
Hi everyone

I just thought I would let you all know what happened to us when fighting for my wife's job and rights.

After 3 years of fighting at the beginning of the year we eventually reached a trial at the Employment Tribunal. The allegations included Direct Disability Discrimination, Associated Disability Discrimination (amended to read Disability Related Discrimination) Sex Discrimination and 30 + allegations of Victimisation.

The Colemen Case didn't really form part of the case.

After an adjournment for a day for the case papers to be read by the Tribunal panel the Trust wanted to negotiate a way out.

As a consequence my wife agreed to resign on the grounds of ill health and they supported a pension application, which was successful (in part - appealing for the other bit) and they agreed a sizeable lump sum.

The biggest smile of my wife's face though was about two weeks before the trial when an appeal to the NHS Pensions Agency for the payment of a benefit ie 85% of her wages was approved on her behalf. This sent shock waves through the Trust and to a large extent brought them to the negotiating table. The back pay was a delight to see!!!!!!

I want to thank all who contributed to this thread and others I made. My wife is still not better but she is not as bad as when she was treated by her employer.
Image Image Image Image Well done to both of you for sticking at it until you got a decent result. I hope the reduced stress helps you return to whatever version of normality suits you!
Well done, it's good to see a favourable result.
Yes, excellent news, thanks for the update.
Well done to you and your wife.
Well done to you both Image
Many thanks to all.
I needed good news.